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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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The Wonderful World of Fitteds

My son is a heavy wetter. At 9 months old long gone are the days where just a microfiber insert will keep him dry for more than 2 hours. So probably around 6 months we started stuffing a hemp insert under the microfiber in most diapers now that’s how every diaper is. But at the beginning of the hemp stuffing at night a big microfiber insert with hemp would work. Gradually we noticed that our little guy wasn’t waking up dry. He sleeps from about 6pm-7:30am and his bedtime routine starts around 5 so he can really be wearing the diaper for 14ish hours. We came to the realization that we needed to try something new.

Enter the world of fitteds. We figured 4 would be a good number after all its only for night. So we got one of the following brands: sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fleece in small, ittibitti boo in small, Blueberry fitted, and an Ecoposh. My son at 9 months had not yet hit 14lbs. He is a tiny little guy. We also got a Blueberry cover, our neighbor gave us two small Thirsties covers so we were set.

I prepped them all and was excited for this new adventure. My husband wasn’t thrilled with something other than our pockets but our son waking up in a dry sleeper was more important to him. Looking at all the fitteds at first look the itti bitti boo small looked tiny and I was kicking myself for not getting the medium. Then I watched itti bitti’s youtube videos on fit where I saw they put the small on a 17lb 12month old and I felt better. It does fit my son just fine as well. Some other first impressions were about Ecoposh and sustainablebabyish. The Ecoposh is incredibly soft and it was also the only one with a pocket. With the sustainablebabyish I was surprised that there was an insert that couldn’t snap in. So from time to time my husband accidently leaves this insert out because it easily falls out when sitting in the diaper bin.

After using the fitteds for a few weeks now, Ecoposh is definitely my fabric it has maintained its softness and the pocket is wonderful for poop. It is a pain to diaper spray the other fitteds with their snap in inserts that lay on top and tend to flap around while spraying down the diaper. When my son outgrows his sized fitteds they will definitely be getting replaced with the Ecoposh, they are totally worth the price.

Alexandra L. is a first time mom and navy wife with another on the way. She looks forward to the diaper adventures to come with 2 under 2!


Carolyn said...

I'm currently having a HORRIBLE time finding a fitted absorbent enough for my 1 year old overnight (or big enough to hold enough inserts to get him through the night!) The Ecoposh is one I'd been considering, but considering my TERRIBLE luck thus far (everyone RAVED about the sized SBish, but I hated it!) I've been hesitant to spend so much money on a single diaper :) In your opinion, if you stuff the Ecoposh, is it still easy to fold around your baby? And do you think the rise can actually get big enough to accommodate as large a baby as they say? :)

Carolyn said...

I tried SBish (sized) fitteds and were disappointed at the way they fit after you put all the inserts in them (and I needed to add extras, which just got ridiculous) and how stiff and hard (and cold!) the diaper always felt in the morning. Have you had any issues like that with the Ecoposh? I'm dying to try it, but the price scares me ;)