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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Cloth Daddy

When my wife first mentioned wanting to use cloth diapers I thought that she was a little crazy. In my mind, she wanted to get rid of the ease of disposable diapers and trade it for complicated/disgusting cloth diapers. I was really hoping it was just a faze she was going through.

I was very hesitant changing my first cloth diapers. I kept thinking “you want me to actually dump/scrape the poop out of this thing (how disgusting)”. Then after I changed a few more diapers, I started to realize that it really was not that bad. As time went on and we graduated from flats to all-in-ones and pockets, I noticed that cloth can be as easy as disposables. On top of that the money we saved was a blessing to our family.

I’ve learned that sometimes mainstream products (Huggies, Pampers, ect.) may not always be what is best for our family. The money it has saved us is my favorite thing about cloth diapering. I truly believe that our switch to cloth diapers has aided us in getting out of debt.

I like the bumGenius diapers because they work just like disposable dippers. The velcro (aplix) closures are awesome when a squirmy baby is getting the best of a frustrated daddy. I have large hands and when a baby is moving a lot I have been known to accidently pinch them when trying to snap the diaper closed.

I do not like flats and covers. To me, they are probably the most complicated form of cloth diaper. If you chose this route a Snappi is a must because it eliminates the need for safety pins. I still am a little squeamish about spraying out poop, but I am manning up and tolerating it better.

A diaper sprayer is a must. We used to have a “bathroom spatula” but we have up graded to a diaper sprayer. A word of advice to any other guys who may be reading this-when buying a sprayer don’t go cheap. I made the mistake of buying a cheaper version online and it did not work. I ended up returning it and getting the more expensive Bum Genius sprayer (from Kelly’s Closet) which works great.

I have shared what our family does with cloth diapers to a few guys at work. Most of them have just had or are going to have their first child. I usually get the typical guy response. “Hum… interesting. I will have to look into that (not really intending to, but just being polite).” Oh well their loss I guess.

Matt is the proud daddy of four children, who all, at some point, have been lucky enough to be cloth diapered!

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Megan said...

My husband thought I was crazy too, but once we used them he realized how great they were!