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Sunday, March 18, 2012

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HOORAY for Hybrids!!

In our family my husband has always been the constant cloth diaper advocate. Soon after we found out we were pregnant he was doing his research on brands, calculating how much we could save, and excited on how we would be doing a small part to reduce our carbon footprint. I, on the other hand, was not so easily convinced that this was the best route for our family and really took my time considering the idea up right until our son was around three months old. At the time I didn't really know anyone who was cloth diapering and although the internet is a great resource there is nothing compared to experiencing real life so we jumped right in. Sort of, I made my first purchase of a few cloth diapers to try, with one in particular that I knew I was really going to like - Grovia's Hybrid cloth system.

I really see Grovia's Hybrid System as a modern take on the pre-fold/cover combination. This particular hybrid system consists of a soaker pad that you are able to snap into the one size fits all cover. Grovia covers are all in ones meaning that they will fit from tiny baby to toddler. They also have the cute factor which include patterns and colors along with soaker options such as organic cotton, stay dry, and bio soakers. With all this diversity in ONE diapering system makes it a clear front runner choice for cloth diapering families. I personally love having the choice of using organic cotton against my son's skin because the chemicals such as chlorine that is put into disposables is one of my top reasons for wanting to cloth diaper in the first place.

Diaper changes are made easy with Grovia because instead of having to launder the whole diaper, you easily un-snap the soaker and exchange it with a clean one. You can continue to re-use the cover as many times as possible before it becomes soiled then tossing it as well into the laundry. My personal experience would you need between 2-4 covers a day, and as many soaker pads as changes. This makes the hybrid a very cost efficient option along being extremely economical. I'd say it cuts our diaper laundry in half even which is always a bonus with a baby! (Who am I kidding, less laundry is always better.)

I also love how super convenient hybrids are for daily outings and other longer travel excursions. Grovia's soaker pads are no bigger then a disposable diaper. This makes packing them a breeze. In my particular situation we ride the bus a lot and with the thinness of these liners I don't have to worry about not having enough diapers packed for changes. Instead I can easily fit six soaker pads and a cover or two into my diaper bag. That's the convenience of disposables without the chemicals, a fantastic pro for this mommy. Grovia also has a disposable liner, they are called bio soakers. Bio-soakers are biodegradable, giving you the option of flushing, composting, or simply just throwing it into the garbage. This option is for the times where a washer isn't easily accessible, like a tropical vacation, or a long road trip. I'm excited to try these out on our family cruise this spring.

Last but not least, I must rave about the fit of these diapers. It seems a bit selfish to admit out loud but one of my major cons for NOT wanting to use cloth diapers was the bulkiness some brands are. In fact I think that for a lot of families this is one of the bigger issues with cloth diapering whether its admitted or not. In our case my son's health and well being is more important then something cosmetic but with this method I can have my cake and eat it too. The trimness of these diapers fits with every outfit and none of his movements are restricted. Jaxton is also a mover so if the hybrid diaper can withstand my little man's crawling, rolling, and climbing they are tried and tested for every baby out there!

Hybrid diapers are a great option for getting your feet wet in the cloth diapering world with their convenience, cost efficient, trim ways. Grovia's system make changes as easy as disposables. I wouldn't have our cloth diapering journey any other way.

Bio: Justine is a SAHM to 9 month old Jaxton. Along with being a mom, Justine enjoys many mommy hood hobbies which include cloth diapering, taking pictures of her baby, and blogging at

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