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Monday, March 19, 2012

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Diaper Bag, Diaper Bag, I Can't Stuff No More

Every wonder what is in everyone else's diaper bag? I know I have! Every time I see someone carrying a diaper bag, I find myself wondering what's inside. I know with using cloth it seems like you have to have everything with you. Or you have to have a huge bag to hold it all. Well after having several bags, I found the perfect one. My diaper bag is nothing more than your average tote. I paid $15 for it and it is awesome. It holds all my fluff without problem. The inside is wipeable! No more messes to clean for me.

Now that I have my ultimate diaper bag, it is time to pack it up and put it in the car. What will I put in this diaper bag, you ask? Well here is a break down of the things I use in my diaper bag.

-2 Flip covers with microfiber inserts
-2 Thirsties DUO AIO's
-4 WAHM Cloth wipes
-2 extra sleepers
-2 sample size jars of CJ's BUTTer
-1 Spray bottle of my home made wipe solution
-1 package of Flips disposable inserts
-6 Bummis flushable liners
-1 Small Bummis wet bag.

When on the go we try to keep things simple. We also like to keep our bag stocked so we don't have to pack it every time we leave the house.

The Flips are a great diaper with multiply options for inserts. We use our microfiber inserts in them but always have the disposable inserts on hand. That way we don't have to worry about not having enough diapers.

The Thirsties are another great option for us. They are all one piece and are smaller than most of our pockets. They save some room in the diaper bag for other goodness. No stuffing to add or remove. We just add one of our flushable liners to them to make cleaning a dirty diaper that much easier.

We never go anywhere without our CJ's BUTTer. That stuff works for everything. From cuts and scrapes to diaper rash, it has us covered. Our 2 sample jars fit perfectly in a tiny pouch attached to our bag's handle.

Our wipes are WAHM made and are amazing. It only takes one wipe to clean even the biggest blow out. They are flannel backed with terry cloth and OBV.

We keep 2 extra sleepers in our bag. Plenty in case of a blow out or messy baby. Since they are one piece changing him is a breeze.

Finally, you can't forget about our Bummis wet bag. This thing is awesome. It attaches right to the bag's handle. It holds up to 3 of our dirty diapers. We never have an issue with storing our dirty diapers!

Yes we keep our bag well stocked with everything we need. We never run out of anything. It is plain and simple but we love our diaper bag system and it leaves little room for clutter.
I showed you mine. Now what does your diaper bag look like?

By Lisa K.


thewrightlife said...

Where did you find this tote! It looks great!

thewrightlife said...

where did you get this tote, it looks great!