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Monday, March 26, 2012

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Magic Mary Poppins Diaper Bag

When I think of my diaper bag, I have a Mary Poppins moment, wishing so desperately that I could look so assembled and tidy with a small bag that I could whip a lamp or a bed out of in a moment’s notice.  Generally, however, I think I look more like a frazzled mom digging furiously for little E’s favorite toy, a clean diaper, wet bag, and wipes to conquer the task at hand as quickly as possible!

The problem is that I like to pack everything in my diaper bag just in case.  You just never know when you might need some CJ’s BUTTer, infant Tylenol, or an extra outfit or pair of socks!  If I left the house without those things, however, I’d probably survive, but I’m not sure I’d survive without these five staples:

Then… add some gas drops, a snuggle blanket, maybe a baby carrier, lotion, a bib, some baby food, my wallet, a hair bow or two, an extra shirt for me in case there’s a burp-gone-bad…

I like to be prepared! :)

So maybe I’m not quite as poised as Mary Poppins, but we seem to have the same philosophy – you can never pack too much!

Bio: Molly is a stay-at-home mama with a love for all things baby, family, cloth diapering and blogging.  As a former teacher, she loves to help others discover the world of cloth diapering, frugal living, and how to fit everything in a diaper bag!


Amanda said...

Hahaha!!! I'm the same way!

Actually, at first, I thought they re-posted my article from 2009 because of the title...

With baby #2 due in August, I'm sure I will be no different than before. You should see my purse! :)

Michelle said...

What diaper bag do you have to contain all these goodies? Mine is too small, and I'm at a loss for a decent one for cloth.

Unknown said...

How do you fit a baby carrier into a diaper bag? I can barely get my cart cover to fit.
Also, when using the flip covers, will the Bum Genius inserts work ok or are the Flip inserts the only ones that will fit in the cover?