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Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Cloth Diapering During a Big Move

Generally speaking the whole process of moving is a lot of work and even more work with an almost one year old. Now add in the cloth diapering and the whole moving adventure became even harder. Now imagine you aren’t moving state to state, but island (Oahu) to Mainland (Georgia). That’s what we just did and in some ways we are still doing. The movers estimated our shipment of stuff should be arriving mid to late June…We arrived here in Georgia the first week of May. We are living out of suitcases, and our son who will be a big 1 year old soon had about 3 suitcases. He had a toy suitcase, a clothes suitcase, and a cloth diaper and cloth diaper accessory suitcase.

We moved out of our Hawaii home and into a hotel a week before the move. This was when the movers had begun to pack up our things which was a 2 day process. We got a family suite style room so it was like our son had his own room and we were still able to watch TV and talk in our area of the room while our son slept in the other part. He dida pretty good job dealing with all the changes. The first night in each new place he did not sleep as well.

Because we were lacking our diaper sprayer we used liners for his cloth diapers. We were determined to continue using cloth diapers through the move! However he devoloped a pretty bad diaper rash, this has happened in the past when using liners. We thought it was due to using a liner that was too rough, however this time we went with a different brand and the same thing happened. Our new theory is that since the liners cause his poo to stick to his bottom that maybe that is causing it. This does not deter me from wanting to continue using cloth when away from the diaper sprayer, it only means that a little more work (gross work) will be involved. I’d rather get the poo off the diapers by hand with toilet paper than use liners and cause my little guy to get a diaper rash again.

So we were able to make it through a big move from Hawaii to Georgia all while cloth diapering. I would say that it was about 12 days without a diaper sprayer and about 15 days without our wipe warmer. Now we are back to our normal diapering abilities and are happy we were able to make it through the move in cloth.

Matthew L. is a Navy Father of a 1 year old boy and have a daughter on the way. We have been cloth diapering from day 1 in the hospital with our son and plan to do the same with our daughter. We love cloth diapers and encourage everyone to give it a shot. I can answer any questions anyone may have, just leave a comment.

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