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Monday, May 21, 2012

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The Adventures of Captain Fluff and SuperJax

Captain Fluff loves his cloth diaper stash. He loves it so much that he cries big crocodile tears when he sees his friends wearing sposies…yuck! Luckily he has some pretty smart friends and he’s been talking to them and telling them that cloth is C-O-O-L. His smartest friend? SuperJax! SuperJax wore sposies all of the time when he was born. When the superheroes were about a month old, SuperJax came over to play with Captain Fluff and noticed that his butt was pretty cool looking. It took a few months, but luckily SuperJax has a pretty smart mommy and after listening to Captain Fluff’s mommy go on and on about all of the benefits of cloth (like how environmentally friendly they are, how much money can be saved and how doggone cute they are!) SuperJax’s mommy decided she’d like to try some out.

Captain Fluff was so excited that he decided to let SuperJax try out about 10 of his personal superhero diapers. Captain Fluff’s mommy explained to SuperJax’s mommy exactly how to wash the diapers and what to do if she or SuperJax had any problems (like rashes or buildup) and then sent them on their way.

A few weeks later SuperJax came over to play and proudly showed Captain Fluff that he was rocking a cloth diaper! SuperJax told Captain Fluff that he was so grateful he was able to borrow some of Captain Fluff’s superhero diapers. SuperJax also told Captain Fluff that his mommy was going to be getting some superhero diapers for him because he just loved how soft they were on his tush!

Since Captain Fluff has converted SuperJax over to using some superhero cloth diapers he has been one happy superhero baby. SuperJax and his mommy even helped Captain Fluff and his mommy when she co-hosted a location of The Great Cloth Diaper Change! Talk about a new dedicated fluff lover!

Katy is a first time mommy who loves showing off Captain Fluff’s fluffy butt to everybody. To see more pictures of Captain Fluff and his superhero fluff check out Katy’s blog at

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