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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Don't Blow My Cover!

We are getting ready for a big move, and this weekend took a load of stuff to our summer “residence”, a cabin in the middle of nowhere that we commercial fish from. The original plan was to leave Saturday, but weather pushed the plans forward and hubby came in around lunchtime Friday mentioning the possibility of a Friday evening departure. I promptly put the diapers in the laundry and went about my day.

Meanwhile, be it the trauma of packing to move, some unseen illness, or just a straight up case of terrible twos, but my 2 year old was not being cooperative…for about the third or fourth day in a row, and mommy was near her wits end! It had been excuse-able when he had a mild fever, but his neediness was beginning to wear me down and trying to hold and snuggle him, as well as care for our 5 month old was a challenge in itself. Never mind the cleaning and packing still needing done staring me in the face as I held him in frustration.

So begins this adventure I would pay to skip at this point! Hubby comes in that evening loading the boat determined to take off…wondering why I am not ready and packed to go “camping” for the weekend. I told him I wasn’t going to fight my two kids to accomplish in an hour what I could accomplish in 10 minutes with him taking care of them. On that note he issued a challenge, essentially doubting that I could in fact be ready in 10. Ah, you wait and see!!!

I quickly started throwing unstuffed BG covers and inserts into a suitcase, along with changes of clothes for everyone and extra jackets. I was certain I had enough diapers, and soon we were off.

Changing baby upon arrival, and taking a minute to stuff the extras, I quickly realized that I had miscounted the number of inserts that went into the suitcase. While I should have had enough diapers, I didn’t have enough stuffing to fill all the pockets! I did have one flip cover and a couple flip inserts as well as a pack of disposable flip inserts and some old disposable diapers already staged at camp. I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. Of course, when I bravely decided to put the Flip cover on him Saturday, he promptly filled it to the brim with poo. There goes that option! Being limited on water I wasn’t even going to try to clean it. That night, he helped out again by waking up in his extra stuffed night diaper to take a poo break before settling in for the night. The drawer full of dreaded disposables were looking more and more imminent, but I knew if hubby saw or felt one on him, I would be busted, and he would get such humor from my failure to be prepared.

Determined not to blow my cover, I dug around in the gear stored at camp and discovered a plethora of old raggedy t-shirts. Perfect! I ripped a couple in two (they conveniently had holes to help me get started) and folded them into rectangles perfect for stuffing. We arrived home Sunday evening on our last diaper, but with no leaks and nothing that couldn’t be washed. Now, to put those ripped t-shirts to a new use…

Lynnette lives in remote Alaska with her boys 2.5 and almost 5 months. She started her journey in cloth with trepidation with son #1, and fell in love. Cloth diapers have opened the door to a whole new world, and she does her best to show that world to anybody that will look or listen.

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