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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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In Every Job That Must Be Done…

…there is an element of fun!” Mary Poppins

I’ve been drawing a lot of comparisons lately between cloth diapering and children’s movies lately but let’s face it, Mary Poppins really IS relevant.

Sometimes I get a little distracted when cleaning, doing laundry…all of those fun, homemaking things. Facebook, blogger and The Cloth Diaper Whisperer are nearly always readily available for my reading pleasure with a click of a mouse. Not to mention the two adorable faces who call me mommy. And this might just sometimes get in the way of my fluff laundry, too. So, I will start with a confession…I don’t always organize my diapers this way. Sometimes I just throw the clean diapers into the clean Grovia wet bag and set it on the floor next to the changing table.

But SOMETIMES, I lovingly fold each flat diaper, Grovia stay dry insert and Grovia shell and put them away. And I actually find that there really IS an element of fun (especially if I sing, “a spoon full of sugar…”). Here is how I organize my day time diapers:

I have a 3 cube storage unit with fabric bins next to my changing table.

The top of the unit holds cloth wipes, Baby Bum Drops wipes solution, Magic Stick, CJs BUTTer, flushable liners and baby lotion.

The top bin holds all of the Grovia stay dry inserts, which we use for my 7 month old.

The middle bin holds the Grovia shells for my 7 month old.

And the bottom bin holds the flats and Grovia shells for my 2 year old.

And if you are wondering (based on the pictures), I really do color code my diapers to make it easy for daddy since our children are on a different snap setting. Green and cream means boy; every other color means girl.

I’ve adapted my changing table to accommodate a large trash can which holds a Grovia wet bag and a small trash can for dirty disposable wipes (which we use for toddler poop).

It took me awhile to find the 3 cube storage method but now that I have, it is SO easy and convenient. And sometimes my toddler actually forgets how fun it is to throw all the diapers around; out of sight, out of mind (sometimes).

Happy organizing. And may every job you do that must be done, have an element of fluffy fun!

Mindy Hill is a stay at home mom to two children, age 2 and 7 months. She likes to pretend that she can still hold everything together and admits to feeling much better once the cloth diapers are put away and the bed is made, even if the closet is bursting at the seams. You can laugh at her by visiting

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