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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Ooo that's soft!

I have been using cloth diapers on my son for over 5 months now and as you can imagine, I have been slowly adding to my stash as well. I am also a very proud momma so when my little man finally got to crawl around in just his diaper (took a while for the weather to allow for it) I got some great pictures and began posting them to my facebook page for all to see. Shortly after that, I found out I was moving back to my hometown and the Great Cloth Diaper Change was starting to pick up pace. I sent a message to a girlfriend of mine with a little one in diapers and told her I knew she didn't use cloth but I wanted to invite her to the Great Cloth Diaper Change and lend her some diapers for the day. I thought for sure she would turn me down for one reason or another. Much to my surprise, not only did she say she would go, but she said after looking at all my pictures she was interested in cloth and wanted to talk to me about it. I jumped at the opportunity.

Once I moved and got settled I planned a time to go over and let her see and feel my diapers since I wish that is what I could have done before deciding what to buy for my initial stash. I also brought my son as a model :) We sat down and I showed her the two different brands of pocket diapers. I have and let her stuff them and just play with them. The first thing she said to me was "Ooo that's soft! I didn't think they would be this nice!" She also got to witness a changing which was very good since she had a misunderstanding about how the snaps work. I asked her why she wanted to try cloth and she said I made it seem so fun and she could use the extra savings. Her daughter is just over a year old and she didn't think there were any savings to be had this late in the game. I told her you don't have to spend a fortune, cloth diapering can be as cheap as you need it to be or you could be like me and never have too many. I have spent $120.00 on all my lovely pocket diapers and even my wet bags and detergents to go with it. By the time I left her place maybe 2 hours later, she was set on buying some diapers and giving it a shot. I think I might send her some to get her started :) I also have a friend who's little one was just born and she also needs special formula. My friend shared the news and so I sent her a message asking if she ever thought about trying cloth diapers. She said "To be honest, I never thought about it, but tell me everything you know."

If there is anything I have learned about sharing my cloth diaper love, it's that a simple message is sometimes all it takes. I have a feeling neither one of these women would come out and ask for information about how to start a cloth diaper stash but as long as you are not afraid to make the first move, you might be surprised with the response you get.

Bio: Jessie is a stay at home mom to a wonderfully happy little boy turning 1 in May.

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