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Monday, July 30, 2012

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Captain Fluff or Captain Pee-Pee?

At first glance you’d think that Captain Fluff was a normal super hero baby whose superpower simply had to do with his ridiculously cute fluffy tushie. However, you’d be wrong. You see, Captain Fluff has a very unique superpower. I’ll give you a hint…if he had been named based on his superpower his name would not have been Captain Fluff, but instead Captain Pee-Pee!

Due to his unique talent, finding a night-time diapering system that works has been a very big task for Captain Fluff’s parents to tackle in his one year of life. Captain Fluff’s parents tried more than 15 brands of diapers, including WAHM diapers, all to no avail. Captain Fluff’s mommy went in search of a system on the internet, asking other mommy’s what had worked for them. A lot suggested using bamboo overnight, and while that worked, it just didn’t hold enough for the super peeing baby that is Captain Fluff.

After many, many months of blood, sweat, tears, and wet sheets, Captain Fluff’s mommy returned to her beloved Rumparooz and crossed her fingers. While her beloved diapers worked fabulously on Captain Fluff during the day, and were the best she had tried for overnight, even with the bamboo inserts, they just didn’t hold enough and Captain Fluff still woke up with wet sheets.

Then one day Captain Fluff’s mommy had a breakthrough! Captain Fluff was a superhero baby and since they weren’t like normal babies, why on earth should his night-time diaper be like other babies? She needed to make a nighttime diaper fit for a superhero! Captain Fluff’s mommy took her favorite Rumparooz diaper and then took her favorite Econobum prefold, wrapped the prefold around her Rumparooz inserts and then stuffed her Rumparooz and hoped for the best.

That night was the first night of a new life for Captain Fluff’s sheets. When Captain Fluff’s mommy woke him up in the morning his sheets were dry! The diaper had worked! Captain Fluff made it all night, peeing his little heart out, and his sheets had stayed dry!

While it took Captain Fluff’s mommy quite a while to get the right system for night-time diapering, she is hoping that it doesn’t take anybody else that long. She highly recommends asking other mommy’s for advice, reading message boards and blogs, and most importantly, never giving up. What works best for one baby will most likely not work best for another, but there is a system that will work for every baby, including the ones with super powers.

Katy is a first time mommy to Captain Fluff and is expecting a superhero daughter before Thanksgiving. To see more pictures of Captain Fluff and his superhero diapers, check out Katy’s blog at

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Woman of Many Names said...

I would LOVE to find something that worked for my Bee! Every night, non-stop, never fails, wet sheets. I've tried cloth, I've tried disposables, I've tried cloth OVER disposables! Her sheets still get soaked. :(