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Monday, July 2, 2012

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You have how many in diapers?

At the moment, I have two kiddos in diapers. Leo is 3 and Teage is 20 months old. Oh, and we just switched to cloth a little over a month ago. You would think that making the switch with two older kids would be hard, but in our home, we do better when there is chaos!

You see, I have 4.5 kids and they are all about 18 months apart. Yup, I’ve been doing double (and sometimes triple) diaper duty for almost 4 years now. With the majority of that time spent in spoises.

When I got pregnant with baby number 5, I thought about switching to cloth when the baby came, but wasn’t sure. And because we have a busy family, I promptly forgot about this wish. It wasn’t until my sister-in-law called me one day and asked what I thought about cloth diapering that I remembered I was thinking about it. She told me that she had found some great deals on diapers on eBay that were from China. So, after talking to my husband and doing some research, I started to buy my first cloth diapers from China for less than a dollar.

It didn’t take me long to get 12 diapers (enough for one days worth of changes on both boys) that I thought it was time to switch. I made it a point to tell my husband that I wanted to “practice” using these diapers before we had a new baby around and thought if I knew what I was doing by the time he comes, it would be better then having to learn a new system and a new baby at the same time.

So, on February 12th we put our boys into their first cloth diapers. It didn’t take them long to break them in. Yeah, two number two’s within an hour. Let the fun begin!

Even with the few extra steps of having to pre-stuff diapers and the laundry, it’s been great. We now have enough diapers to go two days, or more, between washings. We have our diapers in the living room (we live in a small three bedroom apartment and spend most of our time in the living room) along with a changing pad, wipes (using up the disposable wipes before we switch to cloth) and a plastic bag to put used wipes into all next to the couch. Everything is right here and really is no different from when I was using disposables. I try to change the boys at the same time, unless leaves a present for me. But, being brothers, they tend to poop at the same time, or a few minutes apart. Which really isn’t fun, because it seems like the other one will wait until I’ve changed, plopped the poo in the toilet and put the diaper in the pail and hands are washed, then he will poop and I’ll have to do it again.

Cloth diapering has been a great change for us. I no longer have to worry about who’s going to run out of diapers first, make that mad dash to the store to get more diapers, only have to go back a few days later because the other little dude had a thousand poopy diapers and is now down to three.

And I’m hoping to have Leo potty trained before the new little dude comes. Although, I’ve done three at a time twice before, it really isn’t fun and I’m not sure I have a big enough diaper pail for three little dudes used diapers!

Sara is a SAHM of 4 kids with a new one due in early June. She’s been blogging about anything and everything at her blog, Outta This World.


Kena said...

Great post! Exactly how I feel about cloth diapering two of our three kids. I have a 15 month old and a 3 month old.

Anonymous said...

Good for you doing two at a time. Good luck with potty training before your next little one arrives!

The adventure of a redneck mommy. said...

I have six kids who are 7,6,5,4,2 & 5 weeks. my 4&5 yr old wear cloth diapers at night cause i dont like to change wet sheets at 3 am. and my 2 yr old and 5 week old are in c.d's full time. I do at least one load of diapers a day sometimes more cause of the baby. I wouldnt have it any other way. I LOVE my fluff.