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Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There’s something in the water! I have tons of friends and relatives expecting little bundles of joy in the upcoming months. A few of them have reached out to me about my experiences using cloth diapers. I started brainstorming different types of items I could give to a newbie mom planning to use cloth diapers while also keeping the gift budget friendly. Of course you could easily pick out any cloth diaper brand to give, but these suggestions are a little different. I like to keep my shower gifts in the $30 range and would much rather give several items instead of 1 or 2 diapers.

Gift #1 – The Diaper Change Pack
This basket includes some of the basic essentials I have used over my 2+ years of cloth diapering.
  • A plastic garbage can with a lid. This is obviously to store the dirty diapers. I don’t use a pail liner but this would be another great item to include.
  • Wet bags. You can buy them online or make your own. I made 2 larger wet bags & 1 smaller wet bag. (A fun story behind the fabric I used for this gift is that it is the fabric the expectant parents used for toga parties in college, where they met. I found it in the closet at my parents’ house and it will be a fun surprise all in its own!)
  • Wipes. Again, there are several options online, but these are even easier to make yourself. I made some with two pieces of flannel serged together (again with the toga party fabric!) and some have fleece on the back side.
  • Sample packs of wipe bits
  • Detergent samples
  • Tube of cloth-diaper safe cream. The sample sized jars of CJ’s BUTTer work great for this. I like to do one unscented & one “fun” scent. Besides giving the new parents a chance to try them out, they also work great to keep in the diaper bag.
[I recently gave my sister in-law this gift and spent around $30 (garbage can with lid, some PUL & zippers for the wet bags, and a tube of diaper cream). The fabric was free & she ended up with a garbage can full of goodies!]

Gift #2 – The Laundry Pack
  • Cloth diaper safe detergent. Everybody has their own detergent preference. I know my sister in-law has a water softener & I have had great luck with Rockin Green, so if I went this route, I would get her a bag of that. If it didn’t work out with her diapers, I would buy it back from her.
  • Detergent samples - I have received from various Kelly’s Closet promotions and these would be great gifts if you didn’t want to purchase a full size bag.
  • Wool dryer balls
  • A drying rack or materials to make a clothes line if they don’t already have one
Gift #3 – The Accessory Pack
  • Extra inserts – many brands include microfiber inserts but cloth diapering veterans know that hemp or bamboo inserts are a great alternative to boost absorbency & keep diapers trim
  • Diaper sprayer – either purchase one or purchase the supplies for a DIY one & offer to help install it
  • Snappi (if you know they are using prefolds)
Gift #4 – My Favorite’s
  • The diaper that works best for you
  • A cute print or diaper you’d like to splurge on (I would get the Softbums Cowies print for my sister in-law!)
  • A great night-time combo that works for you
  • Flushable liners
Gift #5 – For the disposable diaper mama
Even if the mama-to-be isn’t planning on using cloth diapers, there are several great products that cloth diapering mamas love and are available from Kelly’s Closet.
The options and combinations really are endless! One other suggestion is to take advantage of Kelly’s Closet promotions for a free diaper and give that as a gift as well. If you’re running low on detergent, stock up to get free shipping & a free diaper and pass it on!  Giving a cloth diaper related gift is a great way to give cloth diapering exposure and answer questions at showers by other guests who may not understand modern cloth diapering.  Happy shopping!

Bio: Megan is a part time stay at home/part time working mom of 2 busy little boys. She’s been using cloth diapers for over 2 years and loves sharing tips & tricks with other parents to-be!

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