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Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Fluffy Gifts for the Nonfluffing Family

Cloth diapering opens up a whole new world to expecting parents. I’ve also found it opens up a whole new world to gift giving. There are many cloth diapering accessories that can be beneficial to almost any family whether that family chooses to cloth diaper or not.

Since my first was born in 2010, my go to baby shower gift has changed drastically. Before having children, I often would purchase the most practical gift on the registry such as baby hangers and baby wash. How boring is that?! Or, if I was feeling brave, I’d purchase a cute outfit. Now that I’ve had children of my own, I always ask the family if they plan to cloth diaper and do my best to gift them with anyone of my favorite cloth diapers like Rumparooz or GroVia. But if the family is choosing not to cloth diaper, I try to gift them with the most practical cloth diapering accessories.

My absolute favorite go to gift is a medium Planet Wise wet bag. Every single parent needs a wet bag. It is the perfect solution for messy clothes if baby blows out or spits up all over. I also pack one in my 3 year olds backpack in case of potty accidents. A wet bag will last a family through several stages, which makes it the perfect gift.

I also love to gift a GroVia Magic Stick. No matter what kind of diaper a baby wears, the GroVia magic stick is the perfect option for the diaper area. Sometimes babies just get stinky and you don’t have time to bathe them. The GroVia Magic Stick is a really easy way to freshen up the diaper area and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Another great cloth diapering gift to give the non-fluffer is a FuzziBunz or Kanga Care changing pad. These changing pads are super soft, easy to wash and fold up to be about as small as the commercial plastic pads. They also come in bright, fun colors and patterns!

My last gift idea is a Bummis Swimmi Diaper. I can’t think of a single or more practical change a family can make (other than cloth diapering) that can save more money than a reusable swim diaper. Disposable swim diapers are extremely expensive and for families who swim frequently or do swim lessons, a reusable swim diaper is an amazing gift. My family loves the Bummis Swimmi because the adjustable waist means a great fit for both skinny and chunky babies.

Sharing your passion for cloth diapering to an expecting mother doesn’t have to be a challenge, even if she doesn’t plan to use fluff. It just takes a little creativity and thinking outside of the box. Think about the accessories you find really helpful on a day to day basis and ask yourself how they could really benefit a parent who doesn’t plan to cloth diaper. Chances are you can find something in your cloth diapering play list that would benefit just about any parent.

Bio: Mindy is mommy to two spunky kids who have both been clothed diapered mostly from birth! She can often be found stalking Kelly’s Closet for no reason or trying something “crunchy” like washing her hair with baking soda! Follow along (when she has time) at

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