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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Fun Diaper Cakes

I have a friend who uses the flip diaper set. She doesn’t have extra income and was about to be diapering TWO. This helped me make the decision on exactly what to get her for her baby gift. I didn’t want to just put them in a bag and call it good. I set out to find something that showed me how to make a cloth diaper cake. There were plenty of meh or plain looking examples, but I wanted something that looked really cool! Alas I was on my own. I had 4 Flip covers and 12 organic cotton flip inserts, these are the ones that are very much like a prefold. This could be done with flats, prefolds, or regular inserts. Also if you have more of a budget you can do a bigger cake. I would have loved to have made a truck!

For the bike cake I used all 12 inserts for the wheels. I rolled them around can to help form the circle. I then placed elastic bands over them to hold them in place. After they were secure I placed the ribbon over the elastic and secured with a pin. I used one receiving blanket folded to hold the two wheels together (see the blue and white checkered blanket). I used elastic to hold this together and hid the seam inside the cake. Due to the fact that I bought a pack of three receiving blankets and there was a big gap in the middle I used one as the seat, another option would be to use a small to go wet bag here (I used the one I gave her as a gift bag for the extra goodies that I had left over). The third receiving blanket was folded and strung through the front wheel with a sippy cup placed in the appropriate spot for a head light and 2 ring toys (this was where I had a lot of extra goodies) used to secure the blanket in place (see the white with stars blanket). Once this was done I just had a few bibs to place over the front and back tires as fenders. I wanted the covers in the bike somehow so I folded them up and placed them inside the wheels, you could skip this and give gift separately. I had to have someone riding the bike so I found a teddy and dressed it in an outfit I had bought for her son. It took me less than an hour to put everything together and everyone at the shower loved it! I just wish I had more cloth diapering friends to do this for!

I would love to hear if anyone else has made a cloth diaper cake and how it turned out.

By Roberta.

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Kristen said...

I love this! My friends baby shower is in a few weeks & I ordered her some covers & prefolds I may need to try to make her a small cake with them

Anonymous said...

I have made two now, with prefolds, for friends who were going to use pockets. I use prefolds as extra absorbency in my pockets, or just in a cover, and they were the most practical for "building" the cake. I used a roll of Kushies paper liners in the bottom layer, and a large swaddling blanket I made as the center of the other two layers, with a dowel through all, and the liners roll taped down to a cake cardboard round. Added a rattle into the top, spoons, links, toys, and other doodads in the spaces, and wrapped each layer with wide pretty ribbon. They were both beautiful!!