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Monday, June 10, 2013

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My Top 5 Favorite Cloth Diaper Accessories

Here are 5 things I think every cloth diapering house should have on hand!

1. Grovia Magic Stick (Diaper Balm)
I LOVE this product! It's cloth diaper safe (of course) and is in the form of a stick. It's organic and smells very "green". I use it daily on my baby. It's really good for mild diaper rash but if the diaper rash gets to out of hand I'd recommend a stronger cream instead. This stick super handy for the diaper bag and you don't have to worry about any messy spills that might come with creams. It also lasts a long time! It took us about 6 months to use up our first stick!

2. Clothes Line for Drying
I live in a town home and don't have access to very much outdoor I dry my diapers on a drying rack that we installed in our laundry room! It works beautifully. I don't have to worry about critters or Mother Nature messing with my diapers outside. I don't have to worry about the sun bleaching any of the colored parts of my diapers. I hang them in our laundry room, they are up high and out of my way, and they are there waiting for me as a reminder that I have diapers to stuff later!

3. Planet Wise Wet Bags & Wipe Wet Bag
I probably have these wet bags in every size they make. They are great to hold used diapers, for wet clothes from the pool or the beach, for cloth wipes on the go (keeps them wet), to carry snacks in, to carry products that might spill (medicines), the possibilities are endless. I even keep one extra in each car...just in case. Even non cloth diapering houses should own some of these super handy bags! They are easy and very good at keeping things organized and clean. Just wash them with your diapers and hang them dry to maximize their life!

4. Kanga Wet Bag (for laundry)
I love these GIANT wet bags! We have 2 we rotate in and out as our daily diaper laundry bags. They are super well made and can hold A LOT of diapers! The zipper and handle feature make them super convenient to use too. I like that is zips up to really keep any odor from diapers INSIDE the bag. We have even used these as travel "duffel" type bags for dirty laundry.

5. Diaper Sprayer
A MUST HAVE...can I say that again? A MUST HAVE! This is the only reason why my husband was even willing to consider using cloth diapers! It is basically a hose attached to your toilet (be sure to follow installation instructions to avoid any water problems!). This is our go to method of dealing with poo! Which is one of the biggest deterrents of people considering cloth diapers...well here's an awesome solution! Spray it into the toilet, flush, and go! No mess.

SO there are my favorite cloth diaper accessories...things that have made our cloth diapering life easier. I'm always on the look for cool new products! If you have any cloth diaper products you use that you can't live without...please share!

Bio: Kaitlin Wilson is a full time working Speech & Language Pathologist and devoted mother to a 12 month old little girl. Efficient, practical, and healthy are the top criteria in Kaitlin's life. She is committed to cloth diapering and loves telling people about her experiences. You can find her blog at:

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