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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Cloth Diaper Poetry

We played a little game in the Cloth Diaper Support Group last night called Cloth Diaper Poetry!  Here are some of our friends poems who played along.

Gather ye  #clothdiapers while ye may.  ~Joann G.

A tisket, a tasket, #clothdiapers for my basket!  ~Maddie C.

I've been waiting ages
for sweet chevvies to stock
I've been refreshing pages
and now I'm watching the clock!  ~Lauryn U.

Late time one night, a blue fairy came
and into the diaper stash she then stayed
all with green sparkles she laid on her bed
to wait till the day came, so she would then play.
Once morning arrived, a mom was surprised
there was no more boring and plain diaper stash!
She had all transformed it in beautiful prints
and cotton and bamboo and hemp for the twins!  ~Ida T.

Little Miss Muffit sat on a tuffit wearing #clothdiapers all day.  ~Kelly P.

Rumparooz are red, Blueberry's are Blue, #clothdiapers are cute, and super soft too!  ~Jennifer F.

Love, love, love the fluff
can't ever get enough!
I shop and shop and shop
Until the hubs yells "STOP!"  ~Amy L.

I've got prefolds and pockets a plenty,
AIOs and hybrid galore
You want fitteds?
I've got twenty!
No big deal,
I want moooore!  ~Jessica T (borrowed)

Coupon codes and ISO trades,
Have I really been on FB all day?!
My #clothdiapers stash is growing,
But my bank account is not!
Just one more,
I hope I don't get caught!
shhh...Don't tell hubby!  ~Maddie C.

This little piggy went the Kelly's Closet,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had #clothdiapers,
This little piggy had none,
And this little piggy went Wee Wee Wee all in his Sloomb!  ~Tegan B.

Can't get enough, need more fluff!  ~Amy M.

When I was a new Mom,
Of only 21 I put a lot of Pampers on my newborn son
He got a lot of rashes both that of heat and yeast
and there was a big poo explosion,
er'y time he'd feast.
Sever years fast forward
We are crunchier I'd say
and tried to conceive a child
Forever and a day
Glad we are it too us
So very many years
Because at 29
My husband and I have less fears
We now know about the Glory
the Glory of the Fluff
Now we will no go broke keeping our child from going buff
His DOO DOO will be captured by bumGenius and by flats
Now we have more money
And that's good because we have an 8 year old and three cats.
Our neater greener lifestyle, that takes simplistic tones
Will be filled with cute cloth diapers...and every time our baby moans
His butt shall be clad with hump or with pockets microfiber filled
We won't contribute to the landfill and will all these things we are thrilled!  ~Jessica L.

I like to put diapers on my babe's little butt
Not the silly paper kind, the ones that allow him to strut
They come in all brands, no two are the same
I wast YouTube for stash vids, I really am lame!
I'm so glad I have internet to teach me 'bout laundry
As a metropolitan mom, I'm secretly quite crunchy
There are lots of new worries and stresses after birth
But with cloth I have fun while helping Mother Earth!
I love to get new wool, and try fancy things like "butter!"
If I'm blessed with the opportunity I'll do the same with a daughter!
Let's hope for the chevvies, they are super trendy
I'm glad I've got KC dollars because I'm sure they'll be spendy!  ~Rachel M.

Late last night after our poetry session we released this beautiful new fitteds by Sloomb.  Please enjoy Sweet Chevvies while they last - they are limited edition so they won't stay for long.

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