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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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The Real Reason Why I Cloth Diaper

When my fiancé suggested we try cloth diapering as a way to save some money, my first reaction was the stereotypical response "Yuck, no way am I washing gross, poopy diapers." Since I was pregnant and grumpy, he didn't bring it up again. Then, as a couple of weeks went by and I saw how much money we were spending to prepare for our first child, I reconsidered and told him I might be willing to give it a try.

As I started doing some research, I saw the significant savings that come with using cloth diapers. I saw that it takes about five hundred years for disposable diapers to break down in landfills. I watched all kinds of reviews and tutorials on YouTube as I researched laundry routines and storage suggestions to see how much extra work it would realistically be. I saw the affordability of inserts and covers, the customizability of pockets, and the ease of all in ones. I loved the idea that you would basically be diapering a second child for free, or the thought of getting back a portion of your investment with the amazing resale value of used diapers. And somewhere in the middle of it all it started getting pretty interesting. At this point it had become completely my project, and totally out of my fiancé's hands. I had read somewhere that if you buy a basic cloth diaper stash it costs about the same as diapering in disposables for three months, so that was my plan to start, I figured if I could make myself do it for at least three months at least I wouldn't have lost any money. So, I picked a brand that I thought would work well for us, and bought enough for our experiment. We started our diapering trial and, hey, it wasn't bad; in fact, it was pretty easy. This was something I could see as working for us in the long term.

Then we realized that the system I had so carefully chosen- a two part system with an insert and a reusable cover, wouldn't work for daycare, where they would only use an extremely user friendly diaper like a pre-stuffed pocket or AIO; and that's where I got in trouble. There were so many options. Everyone suggested trying different brands and types of diapers because different ones are better for different body types and situations. I don't know how I avoided this pitfall the first time around, but I was in for it now. All the colors and patterns, the variety of closures and adjustments, the differing opinions every where you looked, I just had to try them all for myself. That's when I realized, cloth diapering is fun! I started using cloth diapers to save money, but now it is a hobby and an addiction. If you are a fellow hobbyist you will know the feeling, the excitement when you get a new diaper in the mail, the real love of the adorable diapers you have so carefully chosen, and the new urge to share this new interest and change the minds of the people who say the same thing you once did- "Yuck, poop!"

Bio: Rebecca Azer is a working mom to one daughter. She started cloth diapering to save money, and ended up an addict!

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My little guy is due October 1st and I really want to cloth diaper! It is so hard though because there are so many options out there now. I am quite frugal and don't see myself going overboard on all the adorable prints, but I am afraid of investing a bunch of money into cloth diapers that we don't like or don't work for our family. I am adding cloth diapers to our baby registries in hopes of saving us some of the cost and getting several different ones to try, but am afraid it may not be successful. I say this because you have to order them online and I know a lot of people pick stuff up last minute (no time to order and ship) or don't pay attention to the registry anyways! With my initial research I thought all-in-ones would be my choice because of the total ease of use (practically the same as a disposable, but you wash it) then I read how because of all the layers/thickness together they can be a lot harder to get clean and can take forever to dry! I have finally convinced my husband to try cloth diapering and he said he'd give it 1 month (originally it was 1 week, but I put a lot of effort in to change his mind). My husband has never really been around babies (except his nephew), but changing diapers is pretty much all brand new to him so I need fast and easy to keep him on board!!! I think maybe a trifold prefold just placed in a cover would be easy enough for us, but only if it works (I've read some babies need more coverage like a prefold or flat actually wrapped/folded around them like a diaper before the cover is put on and I think for brand new parents that may be a little too much to start with, especially for my husband who hasn't changed a diaper at all). Oh boy! What to do? :) Wish us luck!