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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Babylegs are to Cloth Diapers as... Jelly is to Peanut Butter?

I’ve always enjoyed analogies. That was probably the only section of the SAT I did really well on.

I discovered how wonderful tiny leg warmers are-- or “Babylegs” for the name brand most people recognize-- when my punkin was quite tiny. She was born in March in the South, so it was quickly warming up outside, but it was still a little chilly in the evenings when the hubby would get home from work and we could go for a walk. I’d put her little summer onesies on her and a pair of Babylegs and we’d venture out with her cuddled up in the Moby wrap (another of my all-time favorite baby products). It was a great solution to keep her little legs cozy while not having to deal with full-on pants. So I was addicted to Babylegs early on.

Let’s quickly talk about the typical reasons little leg warmers are often used: to make diaper changes easier, to protect the little knees of crawlers, or to keep legs or arms warm. But while all of those are true, those are not the main reasons I happen to love my baby leg warmers.

I love seeing little babies in just a onesie, but it looks WAY cuter if a cloth diaper is poking out from under the onesie instead of a disposable. Since leg warmers leave the diaper area visible, they pair just perfectly with a onesie and cloth diaper. I find myself rooting through my daughter’s drawers trying to find the perfect outfit-- Babylegs, diaper, and onesie all coordinated. My favorite outfit like this is a little pink velour dress, green diaper (bumgenius 4.0), and pink striped Babylegs.

Now just imagine how much LESS cute that outfit would be if it was a papery ol’ disposable peeking out from that dress instead of her cute green fluff? Not nearly as nice.

Another great thing about leg warmers is that while my little one grows out of her pants faster than I can blink, the one-size leg warmers have fit her since she was tiny (albeit a little scrunched at first, but hey, I’m an 80’s baby myself), and they will fit her until she is at least three... just like her cloth diapers. See? They are the perfect pair.

I admit, I actually pick out clothes for her sometimes now with specific pairs of Babylegs in mind. If I am deciding on two dresses for her, I am much more likely to buy the one that might match one of the pairs of leg warmers I have at home for her. I have probably ten different pairs of babylegs to go with my... ahem... many cloth diapers, and I hope they will continue to make adorable new patterns to warm my little one's cute little chunky thighs!

Bio:Rachel is a stay-at-home mom of a wonderful baby girl. She is loving motherhood and enjoys looking for ways to keep a sense of humor about parenting, pregnancy, cloth diapers, and life in general.

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Jill said...

I go back and forth on babylegs. I like them a lot especially for little girls, but then when it gets cooler you have to add socks, and that can make color matching kind of hard sometimes. Plus if you don't put your kid in socks, people will say that the baby is cold, even when it's 90 degrees outside, and clearly baby is sweaty and hot.. It's hard to 'win' sometimes. I've ended up using knee high socks for winter.