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Monday, August 5, 2013

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A Fan of the Freetime

When we decided to cloth diaper, I did a ton of research online to try and figure out what the best combination of diapers to stock up on might be. It seemed that everyone had a different favorite system, so it was suggested that I try a few to see what I liked best. A friend gave us a stack of her old newborn prefolds with Thirsties and Prowraps covers to try out, as well as some small pocket diapers with microfiber inserts. I assumed that I'd like using the pockets the best, because they seemed easy. But to my surprise, I found myself reaching for the prefolds folded into thirds the most at home, saving the pockets for outings. Using the prefolds at home allowed me to put off doing laundry a little longer, which I liked. My boy tends to be the type of baby that HATES to feel wet, even a little, so we were going through quite a lot of diaper changes. Prefolds were a little more economical at the time.

However, as my son quickly grew, it became clear that the borrowed diapers would soon be too small, and I'd need to purchase some new ones. I decided that it might be wise to get a few all-in-ones, because I had heard that they're especially easy to use for caregivers that might not have experienced cloth diapering before. So I happily went crazy and bought a bunch of colorful BumGenius OS Freetimes. I chose the snap options, as I didn't want to worry about velcro sticking to things in the dryer or the baby being able to open them.
I have to say that the BumGenius is now my favorite go-to diaper! I still use prefolds a lot of the time at home, but I like the All-in-Ones the best for a few reasons:

1) It's easy to adjust, and will fit my son for quite a while.
2) The outer fabric feels smooth but not plasticky.
3) It dries easily, due to the two "petal" microfiber inserts that are only sewn in on one edge.
4) The colors are nice and bright
5) They fit well and contain everything nicely
6) Super easy for "newbies" to use. You show them once and they totally get it.

I'm very glad that I went with the snaps instead of the Velcro, too...on the one fitted diaper I have that uses velcro, my five month old son has lately found it funny to catch my eye, and slowly ziiiippp open the velcro with an evil grin. I think I've got quite a handful there!

Bio: Laci is a new mom to a sweet baby boy who loves his cute fluffy dipes! She works from home as a freelance illustrator and voiceover artist, and has an affinity for all things geeky.

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