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Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Papa's Cloth Diaper Too

We’re incredibly blessed to have an awesome Grandpa who watches our boys 2 days a week so I don’t have to give up my job that I love. Now when I say Grandpa he’s my grandpa (the boys Great Grandpa) which in itself is pretty awesome that he can watch our boys and keep up with them. Not only does he watch them, feed them and all of that but he also is completely on board with cloth diapering our 1 year old. We didn’t start cloth diapering until January of this year so he learned right alongside us on how it would work and what all it would entail. We sat down with him one weekend and showed him our diapers and how to change them and all of that jazz. We always send either all in ones or pockets with them for him to use just because they are so much easier and he doesn’t have to worry about covers, flats, snappi’s or prefolds. Of course I think he could do it since he cloth diapered my dad but it’s just easier to keep things simple for anyone watching our boys.

I found it’s much easier for someone who watches your children to be on board with cloth if they know what they are getting into. Our daycare personally won’t use cloth even though they know how simple it is to use and deal with (it’s a sacrifice we make because we love our provider). I still took the time to show them how to change a cloth diaper, put it in the wet bag and make sure it comes home with me every time I pick them up. They will at least let us send him in cloth and then they will change him out of it into a disposable. I really believe someone’s openness to cloth is reliant on how much time you take to show them how to use the diapers and keeping it as simple as possible.

I strongly recommend either prestuffed pocket diapers or all in ones for daycare or babysitters even if that is the only time that they get used on your little one. Our favorite diapers to leave for Papa or babysitters are BumGenius 4.0’s, Applecheeks and Tots Bots. They’re extra simple to use and easy to add additional inserts or doublers for extra absorbency so they may not soak it so quickly. I know Papa has a hard time with changing him every two hours because our boys are SO busy (he doesn’t get a second to sit down and relax unless they’re sleeping). If you’re willing to sit down and take the time to show someone how to use cloth they should be much more willing to use cloth. If they still aren’t willing ask them to do a trial period then if they still can’t make it work for them, be willing to compromise on the situation. I think you could even teach someone who’s extremely willing to use cloth to use flats and covers. I agree when people say cloth comes with a learning curve but it’s a curve that can be easily overcome with someone who has the patience and time to teach. Giving them a heads up is also more likely to make them open to the idea instead of just throwing it on them. Nobody likes a “hey by the way this is what and how we do it.”

I hope everyone who needs someone to work with them on cloth has as good of an experience as we have with Papa, if not don’t give up hope there’s always a chance to change their minds!

Bio: Kristen. I’m an almost full time stay at home mom to two wonderful boys and who has fallen in love with cloth diapers. I also work towards advocating for special needs kids and their parents.

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Shalaina Simmons said...

I think that is so awesome your Papa not only uses cloth, but is able to help out with your boys!

Kristen F said...

He is pretty amazing :)

Jodi said...

I think we often don't give our male caretakers enough credit! They are fantastic cloth diaper'ers, including my hubby and your Papa :)