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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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Remember 9/11

Where were you on 9/11?  Did you have kids yet?  Were you still a child yourself?  I'd love to hear your stories (just leave a comment below).  

I was newly married and in college.  I was working retail at a mall and listened in my car on the way to work as the first plane flew into the towers.  As I walked in to the store everyone was watching the news in the breakroom.  The mall closed not long after and everyone went home.  My husband was working at the airport at the time and had to go in later that day.  Even though the airport remained closed for days, they were still required to report to work.  By the time the first anniversary came in 2002 I was pregnant with my son and remember how much things had changed, how scared I was to be a parent, how much I feared another attack.  Our lives have changed drastically since 2001, but I'll always remember every detail of that day.  

What about you?  

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Michelle said...

I was in my senior year in college. I remember hearing about the first plane on the radio and thinking it wasn't real on my way to class. When I got to my class (ice skating of all things) we all gathered around the tv at the ice arena and saw the second plane. I just remember everyone standing there in stunned silence staring at the tv with ice skates on.

Anna said...

I too was working. I had arrived early to my job and was listening to the radio. I first believed it to have just been a small commuter plane...but soon realized the magnitude of what happened. I worked at a bank and there was a HUGE run on it shortly after the attack. I was forever changed. I came to Christ in 2003 and had our first child in 2008. We now have 3 blessings and hope to have one more. This crazy talk about Syria has been worried but in the end God is on our side. We (as a nation) need to repent and return to Him!

Mary Schuh said...

I was in middle school algebra class. One of the other teachers interrupted class to tell Mrs. Boyd to turn on the TV. For the rest of the period, we all just watched the screen and whispered among one another. It was truly frightening and it still is scary to think that you can lose your loved ones at any given moment.