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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Managing the Cloth Investment #schoolofcloth

The initial investment of cloth diapers can be daunting especially to new parents because babies can be expensive even without adding cloth to the mix. A lot of what I was reading when I first started using cloth diapers said the initial investment could be between $500-$1000. I quickly learned that didn’t need to be the case once I started looking into cloth diapers. We started with 6 covers and 24 prefolds until we could save up some money. We had 3 Thirsties sized covers and 3 Bummis super lite covers along with Bummis prefolds. We used those exclusively for about 3 months washing every day until we got our tax refund and could get a larger stash. I spent about $300 over a month or so on a good stash of diapers. We got one size pockets, some best bottoms shells and flats.

That gave us about 24 diapers so we could then wash every other day. If we wouldn’t have gotten our tax refund or it had been the wrong time of year when we started we had planned on saving up what we would have spent on disposables (about $40 every 2 weeks) to put towards diapers. All the awesome promotions Kelly’s Closet as like their free diapers, shipping, and diaper dollar rewards helped us build a stash a lot quicker than I thought we would be able to.

Building a stash doesn’t need to be done all in one day it’s much easier to do it slowly because then you can learn what you like and what works the best for your little one. Buying one or two diapers a paycheck is a great way to get started especially if little one hasn’t arrived yet. Using your tax refund is another great option that can give you at least enough to get started using cloth while you complete a stash. Using prefolds and flats and covers is also a cheaper option than only using AIO’s or pockets so you can save money in the type of diaper you use. Putting money away that would normally be spent on disposables every week then putting that towards diapers is another great way especially once you are using cloth diapers full time and have that extra money. There isn’t a need to start right away with a full stash of 24 or so diapers you can start even with just 3 or 4 and build slowly as you use less and less disposables. Every little bit makes a huge difference especially on a tight budget.

Bio: Kristen is a stay at home mom to two boys, love cloth diapers and advocating for special needs kids. She blogs at

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