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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Nighttime Diapering Help! #schoolofcloth

My biggest hold up at first was nighttime cloth diapering. I had successfully been cloth diapering my son for months before I took the leap. I thought what if he doesn't sleep as well. I mean sleep is precious to any mother. I mean it is right up there with water and oxygen in my book. What if there are massive leaks and I have to do even more laundry. I mean 5000 loads a week is enough. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration. Just a little one though. What if what if what if.

Once I finally took the leap though there was no turning back. Not only did I have less leaks than I did in disposables but he slept just as badly in cloth as he did in disposables. haha The leaks I did have were never poop leaks which was nice since that was my biggest issue while he was in sposies overnight. And Destructo was just a horrible sleeper until after a year no matter what diaper was strapped to his behind.

My night time recommendations a pocket diaper of some sort (my favorites were Bumgenius 4.0's or Kawaii's) with a trifolded cotton prefold and a Joey Bunz hemp insert behind it. This worked like a charm and added bonus I didn't have to worry about ammonia build up as much as I did with microfiber since we have incredibly hard water.

My second biggest hold up to cloth diapering was being out and about with him in cloth. This turned into no big deal at all. I have Planet Wise wet bags. The small ones hold two one size diapers quite nicely. They contain smells and don't leak at all. If we were going to be gone all day, I had a medium sized wet bag that would hold 4-6 diapers.

Vacationing with cloth wasn't all that hard either. Before he started solids, I brought my cloth everywhere with no real problems. Just kept to me regular routine. Once he started solids though I had to do things differently. You see this ploppable poo everyone talks about, yeah I don't know what that is even at 2 1/2 years old. My son just doesn't do this. So a sprayer is a necessity.

We either use bleach free disposables or get the Grovia bio liners to use when we are traveling now. The bio liners lay right in the Grovia shells and work really well for daytime use. I didn't have as much luck with them at night, but solved that by laying in a snap in Grovia soaker and then the bio liner over that. That way all poop was contained, but they were absorbant enough for over night use. Washing therefore was easy because no need to spray poop.

Overall all the challenges I thought I would face ended up being no biggie. My biggest challenge now is resisting the urge to buy all the fluff in the world. I mean I need a Moraki snowman diaper. I also need that new Tots Bots ginger bread diaper. Yeah I need them. I mean I only have enough diapers to diaper triplets. I am not sure if that will suffice for my soon to be born son and my daytime potty trained son.

Bio: I am Melissa and I blog over at Adventures with Captain Destructo. When I am not busy keeping my very high energy and spirited son from destroying things that is. I knew I wanted to cloth diaper well before I ever conceived my son. It is so much better for baby, for the environment, for your pocket book. But that doesn't mean I was immune to the what if's.

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