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Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Freetime Love

I have been cloth diapering my son for coming up on two years and in that time, I’ve had the great pleasure of trying many different types of diapers and brands. However, at the end of the day, I continuously find myself reaching for my tried and true diaper, the one that is consistent, flexible, customizable and rarely fails me. To that end, I would like to share this diaper with you and the ‘why’s as why it is our go-to diaper.

BumGenius Freetime- the top 10 reasons why it’s amazing:

10. It’s all in one.
Easy peasy. Just grab ‘n go.

9. Quick Dry
I hang these to dry before bed and when I wake in the morning they are dry and ready to go.

8. One-size
So many diapers are one-size so this isn’t unique, but it’s still great.

7. Adjustable
The flaps have fold marks on them to adjust where you would like some extra protection, front for boys, middle for girls. Or, you can be like me and simply leave them down the entire time.

6. A-dor-a-ble
The colors. The prints. The NEW prints. So many options.

5. Coordinating BabyLegs
If you love babylegs, they coordinate so well. If you aren’t a fan, may I recommend the BabyLegs socks. A peek of color out of the top of pants to coordinate with a peek of color at the bottom of the pants.

4. Snaps or Aplix?
They come in both styles, so you choose. My favorite? Aplix.

3. Stretchy Tabs
I never realized how much I loved the stretchy tabs until I had a non-stretchy tabs diaper to use. It leads to a great fit around the waist.

2. Stay Dry Flaps
While this isn’t for everyone, I love how the diaper is a stay-dry diaper to let my baby feel dry even if the diaper is wet.

1. Customizable
Even though it is an All-In-One, the flaps lift, allowing you to put a doubler, such as a Hemp Babies doubler, underneath to add extra absorbency if needed. For a long car ride, I’ll just quickly plop one in, flip the flaps down and go. It’s quicker than stuffing a pocket to me.

By Joann

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Patricia @ Simply Babies said...

This is a great list of positives for the Freetime!