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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Best of The Cloth Diaper Whisperer 2013

Ever wonder which cloth diaper posts are the most popular?  Those posts that are read by the most number of people, most controversial, or best advice?  We've compiled a list of our Top 10 posts of 2013.

Our most viewed post of the entire year is one about disposable diapers!  While there are many parents who can successfully use cloth diapers every day, there are parents who only use cloth part-time.  It's not the end of the world and no one is judging you (and if they are....let them change your dirtiest diaper).  Whether you use cloth full-time or part-time enjoy, The Cardinal Sin of Cloth Diapering!

Perhaps one of our most controversial posts of 2013 was an anonymous post from a mom who shares her personal experiences with cloth diaper co-ops.  While there are valid points made in the comments from many of you, we stand behind this mama as she explains the downside of shopping with co-ops.  Did you know that shopping co-ops even hurts small family run businesses (like ours) and could potentially put them out of business?  That's a conversation for another day....until then, read One Mom's Testimonial of How Co-Ops Hurt.

One of our contributors Emily shares her tips for Cloth Diapering on the Go!  If you're afraid to pack your cloth diapers for a day trip read over her tips and just try it!

Rebecca is a regular contributor and shares the story of the first cloth diaper she ever used.  Can you guess what it's going to be?  Newborn diapering is perhaps one of our most popular topics of the year.  Jamie shares her tips for cloth diapering a newborn from 0-3 months and Nissa talks about how to cloth diaper your newborn in the hospital.    

One of my favorite posts is a simple post on the Secret Weapon in the War on Poop!  Any guesses what it may be?  Hint: It's NOT the diaper sprayer.

Are you planning a baby shower anytime soon?  Megan shares some great baby shower gift ideas for both the cloth diapering mom and the non-cloth diapering mom.

My personal favorite post was written by me, but I may be a little partial.  I may have a slight addiction to wet bags....I think I have about 20!  Here is a post of 20 Uses for Wet Bags besides cloth diapering.

Finally, how about a blog post for dads by a dad!  Let Dan tell you why dads love cloth diapers too!

Would you like to join our team of contributors for 2014?  We're always looking for new writers who share a passion for cloth diapers.  To find out more Contact Us at Kelly's Closet and we'll send you more information about how to submit your article (and earn Diaper Dollars too).

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