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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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bumGenius: My Go-To Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapering can be intimidating. With terminology like covers, snaps, prefolds, inserts, liners, stripping, all-in-one, pocket, one size, etc. it’s enough to make even the most interested mom or mom-to-be hesitate. There are a lot of brands and types of cloth diapers out there, but bumGenius cloth diapers remain to be my diaper of choice for my ten month old son.

Below I outline the reasons why I love bumGenius diapers.

Affordable: Cloth diapering can get expensive, but in the long run, cloth diapering will save most families hundreds of dollars (this of course depends on the number of children the diapers are used for.) bumGenius diapers are extremely affordable, and range between $20-25 per diaper. This may not seem like an affordable option, but bumGenius diapers are adjustable. This means that as your baby grows, you won’t have to buy diapers in a bigger size. Instead, you can adjust the diaper as necessary. bumGenius diapers are designed to fit babies 7-35+ pounds. With these adjustable settings, you can make sure the diaper fits just right.

Reliable: bumGenius diapers are very high quality diapers made by Cotton Babies. Many parents use the same set of bumGenius diapers for multiple children. I personally have diapers with the snap closures, as I’ve read that the snap versions last even longer than the hook and loop versions. Not only do bumGenius diapers last, but they do what they are designed to do. As a newborn, my son had many blow outs with disposables. As soon as we started cloth diapering him around 5 weeks of age, we no longer had any issues with him blowing out of his diapers. And best of all, his bum actually stays dry. The stay dry lining allows all the moisture to soak into the microfiber insert and therefore wet fabric doesn't sit against his sensitive bum in between diaper changes. This means less chance of diaper rash, too! The stay dry lining is so soft, and my son has never become irritated as result of wearing cloth diapers.

Easy: Many people are afraid of cloth diapering, but bumGenius diapers are truthfully extremely easy to use and care for. The process of changing a bumGenius diaper is equally as easy as changing a disposable. Not only that, but the washing and assembly process of bumGenius diapers are just as easy. Anyone who knows how to operate a washing machine could successfully wash and care for bumGenius cloth diapers. Even my husband agrees: cloth diapering is much easier than he anticipated.

Variety: bumGenius offers many varieties. For people who do not want to mess with inserts, bumGenius offers an “all-in-one” diaper. For people who don’t mind inserts, they offer a pocket diaper as well (which is also nice, because then you can add extra inserts if extra absorbency is needed.) They even have organic options. You can also choose between snaps and velcro.

Cute: Let’s face it, almost nothing is cuter than a baby in a cloth diaper, and bumGenius diapers are no exception. bumGenius diapers come in a variety of colors and patterns. While there are some that are catered specifically to one gender, plenty of colors are neutral friendly and could be used for either a boy or a girl.

So there you have it. I have been cloth diapering for over 9 months now, and I continue to recommend bumGenius time and time again. If you're thinking of trying cloth diapering, bumGenius is the way to go!

Bio: Rachel is a wife, teacher, and cloth-diapering mom of one who also writes her own blog, Baby Blythe Blog.

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Vsquared said...

hi. which BG's do you use? the freetime? just curious as I am 38 weeks pregnant and those are the ones I bought and wondering if those are the ones you use, how you find the flaps. stuffing wasn't something I wanted to do and then the reviews on the new elementals kept me from to wanting to get those.

thank you in advance

Rachel said...

Hi Vsquared, since I was just featured on this blog, I could not respond to comments, so I hope you see my response (though it is late!) I mainly use 4.0's, but I do have some freetimes as well. I don't mind stuffing the 4.0's, but the freetimes are nice (though they take longer to dry!)