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Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Our Favorite Diaper

We’re cloth diapering our second child. We learned a lot with the first, and even more with the second. We’ve tried just about every diaper under the sun, really thrifty versions that felt like sand paper after the first wash, to super expensive diapers that shot sparkles across the room when the baby pooped. One thing that remained constant between children was our favorite diaper, bumGenius 4.0!

One of the things that intrigued me about the brand is the founder’s story. Jennifer Labit founded Cotton Babies with $100 and a dream. The company created the cloth diaper brands, bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum, cloth diaper brands. After hearing that, the diaper could have been made out of plastic grocery bags; I was going to buy at least one. My first purchase was at a local store, just as I was learning about cloth diapers. It didn’t appear to be very special just by looking at it, but I happily made my purchase in support of a mom that was trying to do what she believed was best for her family.

Honestly, the diaper wasn’t one of the first we put on our baby. It sat, waiting patiently while we used what I thought would be superior diapers. When my husband grew tired of folding down rises and figuring out snaps, he reached for the bumGenius 4.0 with aplix and we never looked back. No struggles to figure out the diaper. No leaks. No blow outs. No outlandish washing instructions. It just worked. The inserts were simple to figure out; a newborn size and an adjustable one come with the diaper. We used only the newborn insert and it fit great on our 8 lb. 9 oz. newborn. Now our super diaper soaking toddler does quite well with both the adjustable insert and the newborn insert combined. We built our stash slowly, purchasing one to three diapers a month from Kelly’s Closet, and our current stash includes just about 75 diapers, with more than half of them wearing a bumGenius tag. The colors and prints are awesome; they wash well, colors do not fade, and have successfully made it through two children, over the course of three years, with only three needing minor repairs. Just in case you need them, we purchased repair kits from Kelly’s Closet, too!

bumGenius is our “go-to” diaper whenever we leave the house because we can count on not needing to use the extra set of clothes in the diaper bag. Our family travels quite a bit and it is our absolute favorite diaper on vacation, and is especially cute when paired with a matching sundress in tropical climates. When we use them at home for ourselves and send other brands with the baby to the sitter, and she reminds us of our selfishness. If my mother-in-law stops by to babysit, bumGenius diapers are the first ones she grabs from the bin. Whether they are ours or a part of another family, we’re interested in finding out how many more children our favorite diapers will triumph against!

By Lottie

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1 comment:

Kelly S said...

We love BumGenius 4.0 too. I only wish I'd bought more of the Aplix and fewer of the snaps.
The only thing I don't love about them is the inserts, happily I can use some 100% cotton flats to stuff them. Easy to use and now easy to get properly clean (and dry).

4.0s are the first one my husband reaches for. I try & mix it up with flats or fitteds with covers.