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Sunday, December 8, 2013

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Did I Ruin My Diapers

With the many advances in cloth diapering technology the options are endless these days. This brings new excitement and ease to diapering our little ones, but it also makes many parents nervous. Once the initial unfamiliarity of cloth disappears, new feelings emerge. With the excitement of diapering a little one seems to come a fear of messing up.

Almost every day I come across a a cloth diapering mama on the Facebook group boards concerned that she will or did ruin her diapers for a variety of reasons. Daddy used the “wrong” detergent. Grandma used a “non-cd safe” diaper cream. Mama herself mistakenly put a cover in the dryer instead of line-drying. The good news is it is very, VERY hard to ruin a diaper! I think you almost have to TRY to ruin a quality diaper. But let’s address the common fears here.

Common Fear #1: I used the “wrong” detergent!
Don’t be afraid! If you used a non-cloth friendly detergent, one (or even a few!) washes won’t do much permanent damage. At worst, the enzymes may cause a minuscule amount of wear to your materials. If it was a fabric softener, just refrain from adding it in the future. Maybe there is little build-up, but a few hot washes should get rid of anything left behind. Some even find that a “non-safe” detergent is the only thing that will work for their specific situation. So you used the wrong detergent? Switch, and all will be well!

Common Fear #2: Oh no! Grandma used a diaper cream that isn’t safe for cloth!
Fret not! A little classic elbow grease and just a little drop of blue Dawn will tidy that diaper right back up. Use a toothbrush or other small brush to scrub, scrub, scrub. Rinse the diaper out and then add it to your usual wash cycle. To prevent having to scrub in the future, use a cloth-safe cream or a liner! Coconut oil has so many uses you’ll want to buy it in bulk!

Common Fear #3: My husband put the pockets and covers in the dryer… and with a dryer sheet!
In a perfect world we hang our diapers out on the line on a cloudless day, comfortable heat, and no humidity. They all hang picture-perfectly and come down smelling of the sun and a little bit of joy. In reality, sometimes we just don’t get it quite right. If the diapers went in the dryer on high heat just once, they are most likely alright. Generally heat can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the elastic and PUL/TPU (waterproof) materials. Most manufacturers do recommend line drying or no/low heat if you need to dry your diapers. If you used a dryer sheet just once, you likely won’t notice any difference. If it happens several times, you may need to wash some of the build-up out with a few simple hot washes.

Common Fear #4: Oopsie! I prepped a hemp insert with my normal wash!
It’s true, unbleached cotton, hemp, bamboo, and any other natural fibers should be prepped by boiling them or several hot washes on their own or with towels/linens. This rids them of natural oils. If washed with your normal routine, those oils can get on other diapers and cause repelling. Really though, one most likely won’t cause trouble. If it does, again, a few hot washes should wash that trouble right out!

Bio: Lynette is currently a SAHM to two sons, age 22 months and 2 months. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly.

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Juan's Mommy said...

I found this recipe online the other day, seems pretty basic. I am trying to save as much money as possible with my baby. Has anyone used the homemade laundry detergent on cloth diapers? Will it ruin them?