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Monday, December 9, 2013

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I Have the Hots for Tots Bots

I consider myself lucky to live among several dedicated cloth diapering mentors. In my close-knit neighborhood, three of the women with small children use cloth diapers. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to follow in their green and economical footsteps. Despite their great advice on pockets vs. all-in-ones, the merits of diaper sprayers, and their favorite wetbags, none of these ladies could offer me any counsel when it came to newborn diapers. All three had said that the first 6-8 weeks post-partum are too stressful, too insane, too sleep-deprived to complicate further by adding extra laundry.

I, however, was determined. I wanted to get that fluff on my boy’s butt early! My son was born at 7 lbs. 1 oz, and struggled to gain weight for the first couple weeks. Trying to use “one-size” diapers would have been out of the question for this skinny little man, so I’m glad I got a newborn stash. I bought a wide range of diaper brands and fits, not knowing which I would like or which would fit my unborn son. I found a good stash of lightly used newborn bumGenius! and Lil’ Joeys AIOs on a Facebook group, and bought a couple each of: new Thirsties Duos, Kissaluvs size 0s, and Fuzzibunz XS. The one singleton I purchased, however, became my clear favorite: the Tots Bots Tini Fit.

This diaper has much to recommend it. For one, it has fit my son longer than most newborn diapers – he’s at 11 lbs. and it still works great, while he’s outgrown the BGs, Lil’ Joey’s and Fuzzibunz XS. Second, the minky interior is super-absorbent, very soft, and colored to match the exterior. This is a great feature that I’m surprised more brands haven’t taken up – it hides all stains and is cute to boot! In addition to the tongue-style soaker, the diaper comes with a small minky doubler you can stuff or lay on top. Third, I find the hook and loop on this diaper to be particularly sturdy and resistant to pilling. Finally, while this diaper is not as simple as the BG AIO, since you do have to deal with the tongue, this was the only diaper I actually witnessed my husband stuffing! It’s true that you can just fold the tongue and lie it on top, but it is also very easy to put into the pocket.

I like this diaper so much that I have purchased a couple of the one-size Tots Bots for my growing boy, and I already love them – they are the first one-size diapers that actually fit under his clothes, and they come in fantastic prints (several new ones added recently). I’m sure you too will love this great brand.

Bio: Katharine is a new mom of now 4 month old Davis and 2 female bulldogs named Mike and Charlie. She lives in Massachusetts and works as a high school history teacher.

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