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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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I Feel Like a Genius!

I have been cloth diapering my 6 month old from the time she was 2 weeks old. I have tried many brands including GroVia, Tots Bots, Kawaii, Blueberry, bumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Bottombumpers, Rumparooz and more! My favorite cloth diaper after using so many of them is the bumGenius 4.0. It is awesome! It comes in such beautiful colors and prints – which are changing all the time. It did take a little bit for my girl to fit into them. Maybe not until she was about a month and a half old. But once she was able to wear them, they are my go-to diaper.

The 4.0 has a microsuede inner, which I like better than fleece for some reason. This is a must as my daughter needs the wetness pulled away from her as much as possible with her sensitive skin. The 4.0 comes with two inserts – the newborn size and the larger one-size insert. We have always used the one-size insert, even when she was new, just folded down. Using that insert, we have never had a leak. Never! 4.0s are our nighttime diaper – most of the time anyway. I know if I put her to bed in a 4.0 she’ll wake up dry and happy. At some point I’m sure we’ll add the newborn insert as a doubler but right now, it is totally unnecessary. I will add, though, that my daughter is not particularly a “heavy-wetter” so that is also why we only have to use one insert. My 3 year old even wore the 4.0 diapers before she potty trained.

We have snaps in our 4.0 cloth diapers and we love them. They are easy to do and even folded down are still relatively trim fitting. As bumGenius diapers go, I find that the 4.0 is the trimmest diaper, especially when compared to the BG Freetime. We have almost every color of the 4.0s and I just recently had to buy a few of the colors we were missing because they are being discontinued!

A few things that could be improved upon, I guess, would be that they are a bit bulky on newer or smaller babies. The diaper did look huge on her at 1 month old but so did every other one-size cloth diaper. I did not invest in any newborn sized diapers so one-size diapers are what I had to go with. The may have been huge at first but she is rapidly growing into them. Like I said, they fit her great now and we have never had them leak on us. Even though many people don’t like microfiber, I think these inserts are the best microfiber inserts I’ve tried. Other diapers that come with microfiber have leaked on us in a matter of an hour or two. While the microfiber is getting a tiny bit dingy looking, it still works great and I expect it to keep working. Lastly, they are on the slightly pricier side. However, there are frequent deals where you can buy 5 and get one free, which makes them a little more reasonable. And, while other more inexpensive diapers might wear out sooner, I’m thinking my 4.0s will last for at least two babies! I will be investing in even more 4.0s – especially with all the new prints out! If you want a fool-proof solution that has worked wonders for us, give the bumGenius 4.0 a try! I hope it works as well for you as it has for us!

Bio: I'm Valerie Redfearn, a qualified librarian and current stay-at-home Mom with two girls - Lily who is 3 and Violet who is 6 months. My family currently lives in Blacksburg, VA where we love to go to the park, read books and engage in general silliness.

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