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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Drying Diapers Made Easy

Many cloth diaper users struggle with finding the perfect wash routine for their diapers, but the options for drying diapers are much simpler and fool proof. Some people get quite creative when it comes to drying: I’ve seen diapers hanging on cribs, on hangers in the windows, over balconies and on make-shift clothes lines in the shower. For me the best and most versatile way to dry my diapers is on an expandable drying rack and an octopus hanger.

Before I had my daughter, I always hung my clothes on a $15 expandable drying rack that I picked up in a big box store, so I knew using it to dry my diapers would be just as convenient. I have a smaller rack that fits two days worth of diapers perfectly. I hang the covers and inserts on the rack, and use an octopus hanger to hang my cloth wipes. I set the rack up in my laundry room, hang the diapers, and then if it’s not raining, take the rack outside. Even as the weather turns colder, I can still sun the diapers and air them out, then bring them back inside easily to finish drying.

I also like the drying rack, because sometimes I am just too lazy or too tired to stuff and fold my diapers at the end of the day. I can easily move the rack to an out of place spot in my house until I have time to deal with them. It can fit into the shower even for those who are tight on space. It’s also the perfect size for a small patio or balcony. When it’s not in use, it folds up, and I can slide it next to my washer so it’s completely out of the way.

Another big advantage of hanging diapers on a rack and octopus hanger is it is so easy to move. I can set it outside even if it looks like it might rain and can quickly bring it inside if it does start raining. I can also move it as the sun moves throughout the day, too.

The octopus hanger works perfectly to hang covers and pockets as well. If I get behind in my cloth diaper laundry and don’t feel like hanging all my inserts and wipes, I simply throw those in the dryer on medium-low heat and hang the rest on the octopus hanger.

The drying rack and octopus hanger are, in my opinion, the perfect combination for drying diapers. They can easily be moved next to a sunny window if you have no outdoor space as well.

Because the rack folds up, it is also easy to pack while travelling. The octopus hanger can easily clip onto any hotel shower rod, and because of its compact size, takes up very little room in a suitcase.

So whether you have a lot of room or a limited amount, drying your diapers doesn’t have to take up much space at all. Air-drying your diapers creates less wear and tear versus drying in a dryer, saves energy and usually doesn’t take much time to dry. Even on cold days I’m always amazed at how quickly my diapers dry. The drying rack and octopus hanger have been a huge help in making my cloth diaper journey successful.

Bio: Jamie is a stay-at-home mom to her 9-month-old daughter, a Marine wife and cat owner.

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1 comment:

Kelly S said...

I put my covers and GMD fitteds (that aren't totally dry after one cycle in the dryer) on a rack set up above a heating vent.
It might be cheating, but it works.
Looking forward to drying them outside once it's warm enough.