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Thursday, January 2, 2014

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In Which I Discover A Night-Time Solution

With my daughter, I gave up. I could not find a night-time solution that kept her dry all night. I'd stuff and double stuff and nothing really worked. She would wake in the night wet and that meant none of us were getting quality sleep. Eventually a disposable at night was the solution. I admit that it made me feel a bit like a cheater at the time. But once my son came along, I just accepted it and moved forward with cloth diapering during the day and a disposable at night.

It was peaceful, everyone slept, and it just didn't bother me.

Well, as it turns out, fashion brought me to my answer. Yes. Fashion. You've heard the stories before. There's a print that you just need. That was me. It was a Blueberry little monster print that I had fallen in love with. I needed it. Okay, yes, I didn't actually need it, but how I wanted it!

I justified my purchase by buying the diaper cover instead of the all-in-one or even the pocket version. This saved me a little money and I still got to have the cutest little boy diaper. I figured I would just use one of the of the extra inserts I had from my pocket stash. Many pocket diapers come with two inserts and since I wasn't using the double for night time, I had a bit of a collection of spare inserts.

My next thought was what to cover the insert with. Microfiber next to baby skin isn't the best idea. Well, I have some pre-folds. I didn't realize I had pre-folds at the time because I'd always used them as burb rags. My friend had even sewn a pretty ribbon on the edge to make it a personalized, special burb rag.

Upon realizing that this was a diaper, I figured I could wrap said pre-fold around the pocket insert and just lay it in the diaper cover to use it as double absorbency and a nicer fabric next to my son's skin. This diaper was amazing! It didn't leak, looked trim, and I got the idea to try it at night. It just seemed so absorbent.

I used it at night and lo and behold, it was the perfect night-time diaper. Dry, comfortable, no leaks, and not overly bulky. Did it really last all night? With my heavy wetter? It did and it does.

Using the pre-fold with a pocket insert has turned out to be something that works with my other diapers for more night-time solutions. I am officially using cloth at night and it's so easy. This diaper cover has continued to impress me. Looks like it's time to find a few more covers to add to the collection.

Bio: Alicia is an 8th grade English and Drama teacher and is a pretty crunchy momma. She shares her Arizona home with a wonderful husband, energetic 4 year old, sweet 11 month old, 1 crazy dog, and 8 happy chickens.

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Amber D said...

How long do your little ones sleep overnight? I'm looking for new night time options as well...Just trying my first prefold in a pocket option.

Anonymous said...

You should totally try a Happy Little Llama Nite Nite. Best night time diaper ever.