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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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What Type of Cloth Diapering Mom are You?

As I try to make my way in the world of parenting, I have met so many mothers. The cloth diapering moms are some of my favorite, and I find we are like-mided when it comes to many aspects of motherhood. But there are as many types of moms as there are diapers! Which one are you?
[Please note: this is meant to be light-hearted and non-offensive.]

The Newbie – This is the category I fall into. The Newbies do hours and hours of research. They read all the blogs, join all the Facebook groups, watch all the YouTube videos. The cloth diapering world is so alluring and intimidating to them. They ask roughly a million questions and stress over what kind of diapers to get, where to order them from, how to wash them, how to store them. The best advice to give a Newbie? Relax. Just dive into it, discover it isn't as scary as you thought, fall in love, and become the cloth diapering mama you were always meant to be.

The Veteran – The Veterans have been using cloth diapers for many years, on many children. Some Vets not only cloth diapered their children, but are now using cloth on grandchildren! Props to them. The Vets are know-it-alls, but with good reason. They have most likely tried every type of diaper, every detergent, tackled every problem. They probably have their own blog or Facebook page dedicated to their love affair with cloth diapers. We would all do good to take their advice.

The Old-Schooler – These are the pioneer women of cloth diapers. They laugh at all the gadgets and gizmos people “need” nowadays. They most likely make their own diapers, wipes, and detergent. They know all the home-remedies to your cloth diaper problems. They probably own diapers that are older than you. They are not very interested in trying new diapers. They know what works, and they stick with it. They have lots of golden nuggets of tricks and tips that make you say, “Oooooh. That makes so much sense!” While we are all over-thinking it all, they are kicking it old-school and keeping things simple.

The Stasher – Admit it, we are all jealous of the Stashers. They have massive stashes and love to show them off. They have just about every diaper out there. They are always buying, selling, and trading diapers. They can look at any pattern or color and tell you the name of it and what brand it is. They probably have blogs and videos comparing diaper brands and styles. Their ways are mysterious to the rest of us. How do they afford so many diapers? How do they organize so many diapers? How? How? How? All we can do is sit back, admire, and ask them all our questions. They are happy to do the leg-work in learning which diapers are better than others.

The Minimalist – The Minimalists are laid-back, take it easy ladies. They probably use disposable diapers at night or daycare or for the hubby. Whatever. They don't care if their diaper is a “China Cheapie” or name brand. As long as it catches poo and doesn't leak. Their main reason for using cloth is to save money. They don't understand others' obsession with diapers or why it is such a big part of their lives. They are too busy doing other things, like being awesome moms.

The Committed – The Committed go all out when it comes to diapering. They took their cloth to the hospital and brag that a “sposie” has never touched their baby. They take their cloth on vacation, they take it daycare, they take it everywhere. They know the best diaper bags to use and how to wash diapers away from home. They know all about newborn diapers, one-size, sized, trainers, swim diapers. You name it. They have used cloth at every stage.

No matter what type of cloth diapering mama you are, you are all awesome. Cloth diapers have brought us all together. We love our babies, we love their butts, and we can all learn a thing or two from each other.

Bio: Tessa is a stay at home mother and wife. She goes on adventures every day with her 5 month old daughter, Maxine.

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Jill said...

i like this one. committed here

N Holycross said...

What a fun post! I'm a newbie hoping to someday be a stasher with cute rainbow stacks of diapers!

Kathryn A said...

Definitely a minimalist! Right now I have 12 econobum prefolds and 3 covers (still using sposies at night). Love 'em, though!

Anonymous said...

Bit of an old schooler as I love to make our diapers, although I sneak in a few store bought ones too. Love all the CD mamas though, and seeing all those fluffy butts ;)

Jodie Sellers said...

Old school, building a one size stash because my 10 year old stash is... Old. But I miss the old times CDing was much more fun. There was a lot more variety and creativity out there.

Sharon F. said...

Ha! I'm a Minimalist-Newbie! Except I have some china cheapies that I bought (before I knew better) and just hate and I just bought some "real" diapers and now I much prefer the "real" diapers.

Elizabeth Coates said...

I guess we would fall into the committed category. What a great blog.

Christine said...

Its been a journey from Newbie to Stasher and moving into Committed. I need to sell off so many as I approach the end of babyhood for my last one.