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Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Why Do I Need Fitted Diapers?

I remember doing all the research when I decided to use cloth diapers. I looked at prices, brands, everything, but I could not wrap my mind around fitted diapers. They were around the same price as pockets, AIO's or pretty much everything else I was looking at. BUT… also had to buy covers. That made absolutely no sense to me, spend even more money? Why would I do that? Then, it happened. My second baby was a boy. It only took a few nights of being covered in pee to have that lightbulb go off. I need fitted diapers and I need them now!

Fitted diapers are unique because the entire diaper is absorbent, from the inside layer to the outside layer. They are the most absorbed, leak proof option available and, a surefire solution for heavy wetters. While the diaper itself isn't waterproof, there are different options for covering it. You can use wool, fleece, or PUL covers. You can also opt to go coverless to help clear up a bad rash because they are so breathable. Fitted diapers are also a great option for the summertime for the same reason. Fitted diapers are the perfect nighttime diapering solution so you can wake up to dry sheets and a happy baby. Heading out for a long car ride? Slap on a fitted diaper and be confident you won't be changing clothes or cleaning the carseat when you get there.

Wearing fitted diapers without a cover requires you to pay attention when they wet, otherwise, you will have a wet floor, couch, whatever they sit on. Hybrid fitted diapers allow you a longer dry time because the wetness is sucked into the middle layer of the diaper.

Just like most diaper styles, you can choose from snaps or velcro. There are a few options that you may want to use a fastener, like a Snappi or Boingo, or even diaper pins on, for example, Sustainablebabyish Fitted Diapers {these things rock, so soft}. Fitteds are also available in both one size, like Thirsties fitteds, or sized diapers, like the Itti Bitti Boo.

You can also get fitted diapers in a variety of fabric, colors and some of my favorite prints! In fact, my favorite diapers are pretty much all fitteds. I can get the colors and prints that I love, and wake up dry in the morning! That's a win in my book.

Whatever your diapering style, fitteds will make a great addition to your stash. How many fitteds do you have in your stash? Which one is your favorite?

Bio: Shannon lives in the gorgeous Minnesota countryside with her boyfriend, two kids and two dogs. Between going on magic carpet ride adventures with Maggie {3} and taking Charlie {18 months} down from whatever he has climbed {again}, you can find her writing about a little bit of everything, along with some reviews and giveaways at Our Piece of Earth.

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Lana said...

None. I chose to use flats instead of fitteds. They're just SO pricey! And everything I read says they take forever to even if I'm just using them for overnights I need 4-6 of them to give the soiled ones adequate time to dry. And because they're so thick they can get the stinkies. Um, no. I've bought four premium flats (Geffen Baby and S'bish) and we use them with a diaper bag fold and a Snappi. They wash amazingly (one layer means ALL that toxic overnight pee gets washed out), dry fast (again- one layer), and I can customize the fit as he grows. We use it with a wool wrap and it's a bulletproof overnight solution. And my four "fancy" flats cost as much as ONE fitted. No fitteds for us.

nholycross said...

I don't have any fitteds yet, but now I want to try them. The sustainablebabyish fitteds do look so nice.