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Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Choosing the Right Cloth Trainers

In our baby classes, as the kids got to the age of potty training, I got a lot of questions about cloth trainers. Which ones should I use, what works best? How many will I need? The answer will be different for every child, but there are a few things to think about.

Your child's size. Are they petite? Husky? Somewhere in between? Larger children may need GroVia trainers with their Plus Size Side Flex Panels. Smaller children will likely fit well in Blueberry Trainers.

Their age. More importantly, how independent are they? If you have a really early potty learner, they may not do as well pulling their own trainers up and down. Blueberry trainers and Bummis are two of our favorites for ease of use with the kids. I haven't used the Super Undies pull on undies or Ecoposh, and those may work great for pulling up and down as well.

Daytime or Nighttime? Will you need trainers for overnights as well, or just daytime? If you want a cloth trainer designed to be heavy duty to make it through the night, but not have to put your kid back in diapers for bedtime, Super Undies Cotton Nighttime Undies are a great go to solution because you can also add the step up insert to them.

How much they pee at a time. While no trainers are designed to contain everything if they have an accident, if you have a super heavy pee-er, you may benefit from a system like Best Bottom or Super Undies with the ability to add inserts.

Are they having a lot of poop accidents? Check out Super Undies Snap On Training Pants. Easy to clean up the messes because they snap off like a diaper and you don't have to pull them down and get their legs and everything else all nasty.

Do you want something designed for on the go accidents? FLIP Potty Trainers make disposable inserts for their trainers so you don't have to carry around a soiled bag of undies.

Do you have a fashionista? If your little potty learner will be more encouraged by having cute undies, Blueberry, FLIP, Bummis and Best Bottom have some style!

If you need a budget friendly trainer, Best Bottom has an affordable trainer with 3 inserts that you can switch out when they get wet.

How many cloth trainers you need will depend on your child. How often do they wet? How often will you wash? I would suggest about 8 pairs of cloth trainers to get started. If you don't have a wet bag, you will likely want one as well for when you are out and about.

What style trainers you will want will depend on a combination of these factors. Happy potty training!

Bio: Shannon lives in the gorgeous Minnesota countryside with her boyfriend, two kids and two dogs. Between going on magic carpet ride adventures with Maggie {3} and taking Charlie {18 months} down from whatever he has climbed {again}, you can find her writing about a little bit of everything, along with some reviews and giveaways at Our Piece of Earth

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