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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Must Have Cloth Diapering Accessories

One thing that often overwhelms new cloth diaper users is the vast amount of choices. There are many options when it comes to the diapers alone. And then you have a plethora of accessories. What accessories do you really ‘need’, and which ones simply make cloth diapering easier? In large part, it’s a matter of preference.

You have families who love flats and prefolds - clearly fasteners are at the top of their must have list. You have the ‘poopaphobics’ who go to great lengths to put as much distance between them and their baby’s poop as possible – diaper dawgs, liners, and spray pal to the rescue! Parents of children with sensitive skin will tell you that safe creams for their child and their diapers are important. Even the minimalist cloth diapering families might find a good wet bag important for cloth diapering on the go.

The same as diapers, cloth diapering accessories are nothing to be afraid of. You can try a few or many to find what works for you and your family’s diapering style. Below are the four cloth diapering accessories I would find it hard to live without.

  1. Snappis.  I am very fond of using closure less fitteds, flats, and prefolds.  Therefore, fasteners are an important cloth diapering accessory for me.  I started with classic diaper pins and still hold much love for them.  However, my husband does not like pins and didn’t feel comfortable using them.  I purchased a pack of snappis a couple of weeks into our cloth diapering journey and he loved them.  Snappis made closure less diapers easy for my husband, and for that reason, they’re on my list.
  2. Cloth Wipes.  When we began using cloth diapers, we were still using disposable wipes.  I remember having to carry the dirty diapers to one pail and the wipes to another.  I found it tedious to separate poopy wipes from poopy diapers and was happy to discover cloth wipes.  I was amazed at how well they cleaned!  At first my husband insisted that I keep a pack of disposable wipes for him to use.  One day we ran out and he had to use a cloth wipe.  He was sold from the first use.  He went on and on about how he didn’t have to use ‘a million’ wipes and his hands didn’t feel wet and gross after a change.   Better yet – we were wasting less, saving more money, AND we found that our son was never irritated by cloth wipes as he often was with disposable wipes. 
  3. CJ’s BUTTer This stuff…it is amazing.  It comes in a variety of scents (and unscented for the very sensitive of skin), it’s full of natural goodness for the skin, and it has a million uses.  I think all babies get rashes at some point.  One of the few draw backs of cloth diapers is that many ingredients in commercial diaper rash creams can and will harm your diapers.  CJ’s is safe for your diapers and your baby’s skin.  Our sons rarely get rashes and when they do CJ’s clears them quickly.  It has also been fantastic for eczema and dry skin in our household.  We all love the scents.  It is the one cloth diapering item I may or may not be addicted to buying.
  4. Diaper Sprayer.  Ahhhh, the dunk and swish. I am not a fan.  We did not have a diaper sprayer when we start cloth diapering, but purchased one about two months in.  I’m going to be blunt here – solid food poop and toddler poop sucks.  No amount of dunk and swish could get most of it off my diapers before I threw them in the wet bag or pail.  But the bumGenius sprayer – it is a magic wand for poopy diapers.  My husband left all the poopy diapers for me clean before we got our sprayer.  Anything that has me cleaning less poop and a husband who is as involved in diaper changes as I am is a winner for me.
So, what are your must have cloth diaper accessories? Whatever they are, I’m sure they make your CD journey a simpler one.

About Ashley: Ashley is a stay at home mom to two young boys. She blogs about life with young children and her adventures with them including sewing, cloth diapers, and every day parenting at

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esteffani morales said...

my must have accessory is definitely a good wetbag. I bought a simple bag from target that had the inner waterproof layer but my diapers still leaked inside my diaper bag.