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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Tips for Cloth Diapering at Night

I've noticed that a lot of moms are hesitant about cloth diapering at night. After wash routine, nighttime cloth diapering is a top concern. Fess up! Moms want to be able to sleep as much as possible at night, right? *raises hand* I know I do. So what's a mom to do about cloth diapering during the night??

Kelly's Closet has a page with lots of different options, but here's a rundown on some of the most effective combinations for nighttime cloth diapering, with examples of specific brands.

Fitted with Wool

sustainablebabyish are the king of fitted diapers. They're ultra-soft and absorbent. Paired with their woolies, you've got the Cadillac of nighttime (or daytime) diapers. There are other fitted diapers out there, so you can experiment with the different kinds (remember, cloth diapers have a pretty high resale value!).

Hemp or Bamboo Flats

sustainablebabyish also has awesome 'flats' made from bamboo fleece. They're sized, so you do have to occasionally size up, though you can stretch out each size by adding a doubler. Geffen Baby's hemp jersey flats or Cotton Babies' hemp flats are also a great option in a pocket with a microfiber insert on top or in a cover with a stay dry doubler.

Pocket Diaper with Microfiber Insert and Hemp Doubler

Kawaii's Good Night Heavy Wetter pocket diapers are great at nighttime with the microfiber insert and a hemp doubler like BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz Premium insert. A bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper works well too.

If you have a very heavy wetter, your best bet might be a fitted, even if you pair it with a fleece or PUL cover. I know for my little guy the only thing that is guaranteed to last him all night is a fitted with a doubler. It might take some experimenting, but you'll find something that works for you.

Here are a couple of pointers to make your nighttime cloth diapering experience easier:

  • Top hemp with microfiber- Microfiber catches the pee quickly, while the hemp absorbs it more slowly and holds on to it.
  • Hemp and bamboo are the most absorbent and best suited for cloth diapering at night. They do tend to be pricier, but they are worth the investment.
  • If you're not sure that a diaper is absorbent enough, lay a waterproof mat under your baby just in case.
  • When you've found a combination that works, make sure you have three. That way you should always have at least one clean one on hand.
Have you taken the plunge to cloth diaper at night? What do you use?

Bio: Melissa Mendez is married to her best friend, with whom she has three beautiful children. She currently cloth diapers two of them. Melissa is the blogger behind Retro Modern Melissa (, formerly, where she blogs about modern living with a retro twist.

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Hey Monkey Butt said...

I'm curious, are the concerns mainly about the wetness or leaking? WE're still new at it

LeeLee said...

Charcoal? Any one familiar?

Becky said...

What's the benefit of a wool cover as mentioned in the post?

Anel Winney said...

What kind of inserts would I need for fitted diapers if I wanted my LO to feel dry? I'm worried the moisture from the fitted diaper will cause a rash.

Cheri said...

we have never tried wool - so far aios or pockets work well for my 2.5 year old.

Vanilla Gem said...

I've been curious about wool... we just do covers and soakers.