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Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Best Bottoms Diaper Review

When my husband first suggested that we cloth diaper, I thought he was crazy. In my head I had an idea of the old fashioned cloth diapers and thought of dirty rags, big safety pins, and buckets full of dirty diapers and bleach filled water. I agreed with him to do some research and look into cloth diapers but in the back of my mind I wasn’t really considering it. However, I posted on a local mommy and me group inquiring about cloth and was lucky enough to have several mommies respond and even offer to have me over to their houses to see their stashes. I went to one lady’s house and she used exclusively Best Bottoms. She said she was so glad that someone showed them to her so that she didn’t have to go through and try each type of diaper. After seeing how cute, modern, and easy they were, I decided to give them a try myself.

About the diapers:

Best Bottoms fall under the AI2 category. They are comprised of an outer shell, which is waterproof and snap in inserts. It is a one size system, meaning it can fit babies from birth to potty training. The shell is one size and can snap to adjust but they do offer different size inserts. They offer small, medium, and large in microfiber and hemp as well as overnight inserts and doublers. You can see the cover in the picture with the adjustable snaps as well as a microfiber insert with the snaps.

Here is my experience so far:

I started them with my daughter at 6 weeks when she was around 10 pounds. You can see a picture of the first time we tried them. I chose to buy microfiber medium inserts which are supposed to be used from 11-22 pounds. (We decided to skip the small inserts to save money and will upgrade to the large if necessary.) The diapers worked great! The shell can be reused until the baby poops or for a day. At each wet diaper, you can snap in a new insert and go. When my baby was little and often wet when her diaper was off I learned to have a second shell with an insert snapped in ready, so I could immediately put a diaper back on her. I would rotate between two shells and thus avoided her peeing on the changing table. Now I am quick enough at snapping in the inserts that it is no longer needed.

I have since tried two other AI2 systems and there are a couple reasons I like Best Bottoms best. One is that the shell is just PUL and there is no other material inside. I have tried one system with mesh inside and one with a soft fleecy material and they can only be used through a few diaper changes because the shell absorbs the wetness. The second reason is because Best Bottoms inserts snap in on each end. There is no folding of the inserts or worrying about one end sliding around in the diaper. They stay perfectly in place.

My daughter is now 5 months and we still use mostly Best Bottoms. The designs are so cute and we don’t have problems with leaks (as we have with other types we tried). Also, you only need a small amount of them to get started. Because you can reuse the covers, a few go a long way. I started with 5 covers and about 25 inserts. I washed every other day and this was all my stash was made up of for about 2 months (although we used disposable overnight). Best Bottoms really are the best and I would recommend them to anyone!

Bio: Laura is a CPA by profession but currently a stay at home mom. She lives with her husband and 5 month old daughter in CT.

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Cheri said...

It's amazing, while I'm reading this review I'm laughing because I had a very similar response to when my husband suggested cloth diapering. I pictured outdated white cotton diapers like from the 20s. I had no idea cloth diapers have become so functional and cute. I like all the different systems to choose from. It took me researching as well and seeing the reality of what's out there. I was so cloth uneducated. We've been cloth diapering for 18 months for our first son and will do so for all our future children :)

Kallie said...

We also reviewed Best Bottom Diapers this week ( I pretty much agree that they are one of the best AI2 options around. I love them on my little lady!

Alli said...

Just a comment on Best Bottoms: go for the snaps as the velcro are bulky and stiff.