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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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My Cloth Diapering Favs

Cloth diapers are enough of an addiction by themselves, but I have found that my heart belongs to the diapering accessories that I've accumulated over my years cloth diapering. Sure, all you really need is some diapers and laundry supplies -- but there are plenty of other tools that come along with cloth diapering. And you know what I've found? Those tools end up coming in handy in more than just diapering situations. Let me elaborate.

Diaper Sprayer. We LOVE our BumGenius diaper sprayer. Not only does it keep my diapers free of stains and reduces lingering smells, I have found it is essential in many parenting situations. My firstborn has had his fair share of stomach bugs in his first few years. I'm not sure what we would've done trying to contain the vomit messes without our sprayer. Sheets, stuffed animals, clothes -- you name it. They've all benefited from the strong and effective sprayer. And now that I'm potty training our firstborn, I'm using the sprayer to clean up accidents. What do parents do without these things? Especially in winter when the hose isn't an option, I love having an easy and effective way to clean up all sorts of messes. It even makes cleaning the toilet easier!

Wet Bags. You cannot go wrong with Planet Wise Wet Bags. I bought two of these wet bags for on-the-go use and have used them in numerous situations. Dirty diapers, dirty/wet clothes, the pool, spit-up explosions, potty-training accidents, stepped-in-a-puddle accidents, spilled-my-food/drink accidents, bathing suits (for me and the kids), and even leftover food on occasion. I can't imagine always having to ask for a plastic bag when you are out and about when these sorts of things happen. Having a wet bag on hand just makes sense to me. I will probably continue to use them after our diaper years are past.

Prefolds. I use these workhorses all of the time. Of course they get the most use on my baby's bottom, but they are so wonderful to use in a variety of situations. They make great burp cloths. They make fantastic cleaning rags. They soak up the biggest spills. They are a great stain-prevention tool during potty-training. I know I will be keeping them around long after they are no longer in use as diapers.

Bottom Balm. Yes, bottom balm. I have fallen in love with Angel Baby Bottom Balm. With my firstborn we constantly battled diaper rash. He just had sensitive skin, no matter what type of diaper he would wear. Through using the balm to clear up his many rashes, I found that the balm worked to cure all sorts of skin ailments. Cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes -- all healed more quickly and without infection when the balm was applied. What a life-saver!

Not only are cloth diapers the "green" option for your baby's bottom, they come in handy in all sorts of ways around your home!

Bio: Monica Gee is wife to Brian and a stay-at-home mama to three little ones, Parker (4.5), Nolan (2), and Avery (3 months). She’s a natural-minded, people-loving, make-food-from-scratch, cloth-diapering, crafting kind of gal who strives to do everything for the glory of God. She blogs at

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