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Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Several times a year brands release new prints and colors. Sometimes this happens in conjunction with seasonal expos; other times individual companies launch new, snazzy diaper designs on their own. Lately a few releases have caused quite the frenzy among cloth diapering families, but I’m here to tell you to skip the craze! Sure, there are great limited edition prints and colors. There are also a number of hidden gems on the pages of Kelly’s Closet. They’re all great brands making quality products. And they are almost always in stock for you to nab without staying glued to your computer for a special stocking time!

Happy Heiny is one of very few brands to offer a deep, gorgeous burgundy! This is a golden ticket for many sports aficionados as well as those mamas who really love jewel tones. Remember to take a look at their other unique colors like latte, peach, light dove grey, and Kelly green.

Another brand with several unique, gorgeous colors is Thirsties. Their orchid, meadow, and rose colors lend themselves to a more vintage time. These classic options in pocket, AIOs, covers, and fitteds.

Sweet Pea covers are unique in their bold, saturated colors with just a hint of sheen to the PUL in their newborn covers, AIOs, and one-size covers. Their sapphire blue is hard to find in any other brand, while the purple and black are also among my favorites in bold beauty.

Diapers come in nearly every shade of blue these days. Darker shades of blue and navy are not as popular though quite nautical and stylish! Several options include Best Bottom’s huckleberry, Bottom Bumpers’ navy, itti bitti’s Atlantis, and Kawaii’s (OS Crossover) sapphire. While there, check out Kawaii’s copper as well!

If you’re ready for spring to arrive already, Grovia’s citrus and Kawaii’s fluorescent green will light up your babe’s bum all the way through summer. Other bright hues include Soft Bums’ sprout and grape as well as itti bitti’s wasabi and papaya.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get creative with a solid color, check out Moraki’s candy snaps to add a bit of character to some classic colors. The brand gets rave reviews not only for their quality product but also unique design, like their multi-color snaps.

If solid colors are not your thing—if you just have to have prints there are still a number of classic options. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and Super Brite covers include polka dots, rockets, frogs, city transit, and ladybugs. Kawaii prints have too many to name! Kissaluvs covers include Vikings, flip flops, airplanes and more.

It’s hidden gems like these that can set your babe apart at any price point. So join me in skipping the craze and going with the less tried but still true!

Bio: Lynette is currently a SAHM to two sons, ages seven months and two years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly. You can find her discussing living a mindful life at

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Rachel Josil said...

Happy heiny (which I do not have) has all of my favorite colors! This was a fun post to read.