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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Beyond the Diapers

Families have many different reasons for choosing to cloth diaper their kids. Many (like me) take the plunge in order to save money, some are in it to save the environment, others have no choice because of health concerns, sensitivities or allergies to disposable diapers, and still others just love the cute factor. Many of us find that beyond our initial reasons, we come to love all the many benefits that using cloth diapers have to offer, but why stop there? For our family using cloth diapers was a gateway to a whole world of "greener" living that lets us enjoy all the same benefits cloth diapers have to offer in many areas of our lives.

If you are already using cloth diapers, cloth wipes are almost a no-brainer. Saving money and the environment, while using colorful, squishy, natural fibers against baby's most sensitive area and being able to toss them into the same pail as your cloth diapers is a major win in all areas! You can wet them with one of the many wonderful wipes solutions Kelly's Closet has to offer, make your own with coconut oil and natural baby soap, or just use plain water and you're in business never having to buy disposable wipes again.

Cloth isn't just for babies either, if you want all the benefits cloth has to offer on your baby's bottom, why not give yourself the same gift? Cloth menstrual pads are made by many of the same brands that make our beloved diaper fluff. My favorite brand is Pink Daisy made by the people at Blueberry and I got to pick out some of their wonderful girly prints that I don't have as diapers for my little boy. Plus I got to pick out 2 beautiful floral Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags that would look out of place in our little boy's room, but make me smile every time I see them in my own bathroom. If pads aren't your favorite, there are menstrual cups too! 12 hours of protection and they often reduce cramping! I have a fun pink one from Lunette, and feel great that I'm saving money, the environment, and reducing my own exposure to toxins in the process.

Going greener isn't just for the bathroom either! Our family has stopped purchasing paper towels and cleaning wipes, and instead we have a basket of bright washcloths soaking in vinegar water that we use to clean everything, and a stack of fun napkins that we use at meal time. We are also phasing out ziploc bags and plastic wrap in favor of reusable snack bags! Planet Wise has a number of different options in their wide variety of prints that make eating a sandwich or some carrot sticks more fun for kids at school or even mom or dad at work!

What are some of the ways your family has "gone green" since making the switch to cloth diapers? What are some of the benefits you have noticed in the process?

Bio: Emily is a stay at home wife to Will, and mom to 13 month old Owen, living in Houston TX. She loves Jesus, cooking, cloth diapers, and learning to live a greener life in a big city. Maybe one day she will even blog about it?

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cheersmb said...

We have only just begun cloth diapering, but I can already see how easily it can lead to "greener" living in more areas of our lives. Thank you for the tips and inspiration!