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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Simplify your life. Take a vacation. Thanks to Fabulous Flats and Prefolds

Why oh why didn’t I know about flats until I had been cloth diapering for almost a full year? Did I mention that I have a HE top loader? Did I mention the hard water? Did I mention I take long day trips with the squish? I stumbled upon flats when I started hearing some moms talk about how much they disliked microfiber. Still newish to CD’ing I decided natural fibers would be best after a little research. However, I was lacking the funds to go out and replace all of my microfiber. Then I discovered flats. Not only were they cheap but they wash easy and like a dream which is a must when your diapers may be sitting in a wet bag for a few days. They also are easily hand washed in the tub or sink. See this informative article for instructions.
Flats also line dry quickly and are very absorbent. You can easily pad fold them. They are also a great and inexpensive diapering solution for newborns. The triangle fold is super easy and you can use a pin or a Snappi. So you have the option of using them as a diaper you pin on or using them in the pad fold and stuffing into a pocket or cover. This means when your on vacation and room is precious you can use a cover a few times and wipe it between uses. Flats take up very little room. They also wash easy as I said. They are dream for a busy mom who has little time to deal with washing.

Enough already about the flats I have found a new appreciation for my prefolds. I find despite the bulk compared to the flats they too seem to wash rather easily and are fantastic stuffed into pockets. I espically love stuffing them into my Kawaii’s as my squish is a heavy wetter. They actually don’t take up much space when you just stack them on each other. Prefolds are also a very affordable option espically when you purchase the Econobum starter package.

I feel terrible because my poor prefolds were collecting dust. I just didn’t want to try to get my squish to stay still long enough to pin them and cover them. I sucked at the folds too I hated fining a fleece liner to keep babies bum dry. Then I recalled someone saying they used them in pockets. Why didn’t I ever think of that? No more sorting assorted inserts and figuring what goes where. It takes me less time to trifold my prefold and stuff my pockets than it did when I stuck to the inserts that came with the diapers. Prefolds also line dry in a reasonable amount of time. Not as quickly as my fabulous flats but usually overnight. You can also hand wash them in a tub easily. Which means if your on vacation you can take half a dozen or so along with some flats and do the wash in the evening and have it dry before checkout.

I find when I have the natural fibers which are my prefolds and flats dominating the wash routine is much simpler. My diaper woes are gone. They also make it possible for me travel without worrying about finding a funkafied diaper in the wetbag a week later. Which happened recently it was a pocket stuffed with a flat and a Thirsties hemp insert and it really didn’t stink. Sometimes the answer to a seemingly complicated question is to go with what is simple trusty flats and prefolds.

Bio: Megan Beaver is a mother runner, a BF’ing and CDing mom who wishes she lived at Disneyland.

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Whitney Williams said...

I too have hard water and an HE washer. I recently started using cloth on my heavy wetting toddler at night while he is potty learning during the day. We are wanting to try them out to get the hang of them before using them with baby number 2. Its been a learning curve with finding diapers that fit, a good washing routine and a method to stuffing the pockets that withstand my son. After just a few washes the microfiber inserts stunk and needed stripping. I got tired of that real fast. I recently bought some flats and prefolds and couple them with hemp and bamboo inserts. Since then we havent had one leak (with the exception of the happt heiny which gaps in the waist and the microfleece inner holds stink). The dipers that have worked are BG 4.0 and fuzzibunz perfect size. The flats were a cheap way for me to replace the microfiber inserts and to our surprise they absorb and hold better than microfiber. I plan on sticking with flats and natural fibers from here on out. Its a great and cheap option for getting rid of stinkies... but im still learning all the ins and outs of using cloth