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Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Summertime Essentials

The weather is finally nice, and my 15 month old daughter and I have been busy playing outside. We have a splash park close to our house and have been taking advantage of it. Going out for the day now requires a different check list of things to bring, but here is my list of summertime essentials:

Sunscreen: Last summer my daughter was too young for sunscreen, so we didn't spend much time in the sun. This year I knew she would need something but didn't want to slather her in chemicals. I bought balm baby sunscreen, and it works great. Just a little goes a long way, and I don't have to worry about unknown ingredients being rubbed into her skin.

Swim diaper: We have been using my swim baby, and they work great. I never thought about babies in the pool before I had my own, but swim diapers are only to catch poop. I would suggest having at least two because you never know when a poop will come! Also, don't put the diaper on before you get to the pool because any pee will just leak right out. Don’t forget your wipes, either. The other afternoon I took my daughter for a quick trip to the park, and just threw in an extra diaper for the ride home (less than 5 minutes). Well, she decided to poop while we were there, and I had figure out how to wipe her with no wipes!

UV shirt: This just adds a little extra sun protection to your little one, and they work great with a swim diaper.

Sun hat: Again, keeps a lot of those sun rays off your baby's face and head, and they look cute wearing them. I would suggest getting one with a strap, because my daughter loves to pull hers off.

Wet bag: Not only are they useful for carrying wet diapers, but they work great for wet clothes, too. You can also use a smaller one to put your phone and wallet in to make sure they stay dry. I find a medium size Planet Wise wet bag the perfect size for throwing in wet shirts and diapers.

Snacks and water: Planetwise reusable snack bags are great for the diaper bag and day trips. They are easy to wash and keep your little’s one’s snacks dry. I also love my reusable water bottles and so does my daughter. You have to keep yourself and the littles hydrated.

Towel and dry clothes: You never know what your little one will get into and when you will need a change of clothes!

My daughter and I have been having fun exploring the outdoors. I get to see the world again through her eyes, and watching her experience things for the first time is amazing. Fortunately, she loves the outdoors and water just as much as I do. I hope you all get to get out and enjoy your summer!

Bio: Jamie is a SAHM to her 15 month old daughter (and a boy due in September) a Marine wife and a knitter/crocheter/crafter in her free time.

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