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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Poop Stains

A lot of women worry about stains on their diapers I personally worry about them because my child is at the age where she's going to start potty training soon. Its time to start thinking about which diapers I want to save in case I need them in the future and which ones to sell. Nobody wants to see pictures of poop stained diapers and frankly if I'm going to buy a diaper used I want to be sure it's clean and stain free.

The problem is a lot of attempts people make to try to clean the diapers could void the warranties or even hurt the elastic so here are some tips on how to remain stain free or if you have stains get them out. The best way to make sure your diapers aren't going to have poop stains on them is to use liner you can purchase the Bummis liners (my fav) or cut up your own from fleece. Liners put a barrier between the diaper and the babys bum preventing stains from diaper creams young and feces. They also help keep babys bum dry if you prefer prefolds.

My next suggestion is Oxiclean even The Cloth Diaper Whisperer uses it. I have hard water myself and I started adding in a scoop and I’ve noticed reduction in stains from even the nastiest of poos. It also helps remove old stains and missed stains. If your diapers are in need of a good strip and are stained Oxiclean may be the answer.

The experienced cloth diaper user knows of the power of the sun and is likely wondering why the sun is one of the last methods I mention in preventing/removing stains.. Its free, easy and frankly when the least risky methods of stain removal. Unfortunately some of us live in areas where it's not sunny or we don't have access to a clothes line or other improvised methods. I myself have to fold my diapers and put them on the windowsill and I have another building blocking the direct sunlight so it can take many sunning sessions to see a difference. Sunning is great alternative to the two removing stains and also kill some strains of bacteria so if you're selling your diapers or they just in need of a good old-fashioned stain removal the sun should be your number one choice but for some people it just doesn't work because they don't get enough direct sunlight.

The best way to prevent stains on your diapers frankly is to remove the poop asap. As soon as your child has a bowel movement change his/her diaper immediately and rinse the diaper as soon as possible. The sooner you get the poop off the harder it is for the stain to set. I suggest always rinse a soiled diaper as soon as you can, my second suggestion is to use a liner. If there's persistent poop stain I suggest putting a tiny bit of lemon juice on the stain itself and sunning it.

If you have nasty stain and washing and sunning it does seem to help try to let it go. I know its hard but sometimes will come out on it's own over time and multiple washes and sunning so just use the diaper as normal.

Poop stains are something that come with the territory of cloth diapering. Sometimes despite your best efforts you will get stains. Remember to rinse as soon as you can. Use a liner and Oxiclean if you need it. Sun it if you have to but most stains will and can come out with very little effort on your part.

Bio: Megan B. is the mother of three pretty cool kids. She also like Pina Coladas and long walks in the rain.

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