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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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The $20 or Under Baby Shower Gift Challenge

Every time I attend a Baby Shower, I want to treat mama and baby to something special. I hope my gift will be fun, useful, and thoughtful. If the gift is a bit out of the norm of standard disposable diapers, rattles, and onesies, even better.

While I would prefer to pick out gifts without being budget conscious, cost is also a deciding factor. My hope is to find a special gift within a specific budget, which is often challenging. This is especially challenging during the seasons when it feels a baby boom has hit my friends and family.

I decided to visit Kelly’s Closet with a $20 gift challenge to see what kind of unique shower gifts I could put together. As expected, Kelly’s Closet did not let me down. I discovered a number of fun and unique ways to treat a friend for $20 or under!

The Laundry Tester Basket (Under $20)
Help your friend get started with cloth diaper laundry on the right foot! This sampling will help her discover her water quality type, try different detergent options, and dry more efficiently.
Rockin Green Water Quality Test Strip
Ruby Moon Wipe Bits
Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Ball
Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent Remix Sample

Cloth Accessories Bundle ($20 and some change)
Accessories are easily forgotten, especially since they are as bright and colorful as cloth diapers. Why not create a fun accessories bundle for a friend and help them combat some of the trickier aspects of cloth diapering, such as heavy wetters, night time, and naps?
Bummis Fleece Liners $5.50
Thirsties Doublers $7.00
BabyKicks Combo Insert $6.25

Fun with Cloth Gift (Under $20)
Add some flair to your gift, with adorable baby legs, a decal to declare a love of cloth, and a wet bag in a fun print.
Imagine Baby Legs
Cloth Diaper Windshield Decal
Grovia Wet Bag

Less Mess Gift ($20)
Help contain those not so little messes with some cloth diapering luxuries and a stain stick that is up to any challenge.
Bummis Bio Soft Flushable Liners
Buncha Farmer Stain Stick
Diaper Dawgs

Sibling Love Gift (Under $20)
Make a future big brother or big sister’s day with a gift just for them. These eco-friendly art bundle will help entertain them while they wait for baby to be born. They can even create cards to give mom and baby!
Eco Art Pad

Natural Care Package (Under $20)
Create a care package to treat baby the natural way. These lovely eco-friendly items will surely be loved by any parent caring for a new little one.
Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush
Jack N Jill Silicone Toothbrush
BALM Baby Teething Rub

Your Favorite Cloth Diaper(s)
Visit any cloth diaper category on the Kelly’s Closet website and you will see a handy chart below comparing the different diapers and sizes. Even one quality cloth diaper wrapped with string makes an awesome shower gift!

Bio: About Mindy Farmer, The Inquisitive Mom: I'm a gal from the Pacific Northwest, living in the Midwest, mom of 3, writer, optimist, striving to be eco-conscious and hoping to defy stereotypes. Visit me on my blog The Inquisitive Mom and you'll find musings on motherhood and life, mixed with enthusiastic cloth diaper posts, eco-friendly living ideas, as well as reviews and giveaways.

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Beverly Jefferson said...

I really like to have bibs and burp cloths as a baby shower gift for my friends because this is essential or vitally needed by babies who are already eating solid foods.