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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Fall Diapers

Ahhhh, fall. Fresh apple treats, pumpkin muffins with crunchy streusel tops…. The earth is painted with burnt oranges, deep reds, and a large array of earthy browns. It is certainly a special time of year and there’s no wonder so many families choose the gorgeous fall weather as a backdrop for family photos. Most cloth diaper moms will admit that they like to squeeze in at least a few cloth diaper shots in any photo op. There is just something adorable about a baby in a cloth diaper that begs to be photographed. Luckily, many cloth diaper retailers offer diapers in colors that blend right into the fall backdrop. Some even offer special fall prints that may just steal the show. Here are some of my favorite fall diapers and ideas on incorporating them into your next photo shoot.

Bottombumpers has offered seasonal fall diapers the last couple of years. Their Pick of the Patch diaper from last fall is what made me a Bottombumpers fan. This year’s Bushel and a Peck and Love Pumpkin are just as adorable. Not only do you get an adorable diaper with top-notch embroidery, you get a diaper that is truly high-quality. Buttombumpers are made from absorbent organic cotton and are super trim. These are definitely a ‘jeans’ diaper and that can be a rare find in the cloth diaper world. The Bottombumpers fall designs are cute enough to stand alone in a photo – they’re really that adorable. Even more adorable are those cute little baby bottoms sitting on a pumpkin with the design showcased. Spread about a few apples, gourds, or leaves and you have a very frame worth photo.

Thirsties’ Mango, Meadow, and Mud are lovely earth tones that would compliment any fall palette. Polka Dance would also blend in nicely with just a pop of extra color. I can especially see Polka Dance popping out from under a brown corduroy romper with frilly baby legs as an adorable little one bends over to pick out her pumpkin.

Blueberry’s Red, Chocolate, and Amber look like freshly fallen leaves in the fall. While Applecheeks’ Orange You Glad is the perfect pop of pumpkin color.

When Grovia’s Sweetgrass came out, I was instantly transported to a corn maze. It is one of the best fall prints in the cloth diaper world and just so simple, yet gorgeous, that either gender could easily pull it off.

bumGenius and Flip offer Sassy and Clementine, which I think blend in nicely as fall colors. Noodle is also just the faintest yellow which is very reminiscent of the inside of many fall gourds.

We can’t talk about fall diaper gear without mentioning Sloomb. Wool longies are perfect for cool fall weather and they come in gorgeous colors. They even offer arm and leg woolies for your older children to help keep warm on those chilly fall nights.

Imagine Baby also offers wool in some very rich, fun colors. Marigold and Raspberry remind me of the bright turning leaves, lit up by warm fall sunshine.

Smart Bottoms recent newborn colors all screamed Halloween to me. Lil’ Monster, Crushin’ It, and Limelight would make for some very adorable Halloween themed photos to welcome your brand new little squish.

Itti Bitti’s colors are just so deep and warm. Avignon, Mulberry, Papaya, Poppy, Saffron, and Wasabi could all be part of a gorgeous fall painting. I just love how squishy and soft the diapers are and the rich colors really set them off - absolutely gorgeous for photographing!

There are so many diapers out there that would work well in fall photo shoots. A backdrop of hay bales, mums, pumpkins, and the perfectly place scarecrow can offer a fun backdrop whether you choose to go the profession route or do a DIY photo shoot. Whether you choose some of the diapers listed above or pick another fun color/print, I’m sure the diaper will add the perfect amount of cute to your photo. Have you ever incorporated cloth diapers into a photo shoot before? What diaper did you choose?

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