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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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One Mama's Tip for Organizing Your Diapers

When it comes to organizing your diapers, there are endless options! Some choose to display their stash artfully in rainbow rows, others keep their fluff piled in a laundry basket until it lands on baby's bum. And what about the accessories? Wetbags, SprayPal, drying rack, many ways to keep things looking neat! I fall somewhere in the middle...usually obsessive about making diaper "groups" {aka: the order in which and with what they are worn} and wipe folding but at the same time, a busy mama who sometimes heaps everything on the changing table and looks the other way. Here's what works for me...a method that is easy to keep up with...or catch up on if I'm having a "throw it in a heap" day! {please excuse the iPhoneography}

My diaper stash is fairly modest, so I can fit them all in this cute little dresser.

Grab-and-go day diapers are in the top drawer, including Flip covers ready with flats and stuffed pockets.

The second drawer holds night diapers {2-3 all set for bedtime}, extra inserts and prefolds, and folded flats ready for changes.

The bottom drawer has towels, washcloths, and bibs right now. It will probably be taken over if my stash grows since it's pretty tight in that top drawer!

I keep wipes folded pop-up style and dry in a wipe box on the changing table. I spritz with a spray bottle or wet in the sink before using. We buy big jars of coconut oil and keep a little baby food jar of it on the changing table.

The diaper pail {pop top trash can} is right next to changing table, lined with a Planet Wise pail liner.

Wetbags and extra pail liners get folded on the changing table shelf.

SprayPal stays open next to the toilet {with the sprayer} since I prefer to squeeze out dipes by hand.

The drying rack folds flat and slides right under the crib when I'm not using it. I put it in whatever room has the most sun or by the woodstove in the cooler months.

There are so many fun choices for organizing your diapers and accessories, whatever your style may be!

Bio: Aimee is a mama, photographer, and sometimes blogger at living on the Vineyard with her awesome husband and their three wonderful little ones.

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