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Monday, October 6, 2014

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When the Day Finally Comes..the Last Pump

Emotional. Who would have thought that the last day I pumped at work, I would be so femotional! I pumped every day since my son was 6 weeks old. That is a lot of minutes spent prepping, putting up occupied signs, pumping, cleaning, and multi-tasking. I was blessed with an office that was very conducive to pumping. I only had to hang a curtain and it was completely blocked from the rest of the library that I work in. I even had a locking door! Sure, there was the time my curtain fell and I hit the ground under my desk…thankfully there were no students around to see that blunder! There was also that time the maintenance man started unlocking my door so he could come in and fix something. I guess a sign that says “please return at…” was not clear enough :). I should be used to maintenance men intruding my space, while I was in labor my labor tub in the hospital wouldn’t shut off and they had to call them to come fix it. They peaked around the curtain as they were leaving and said, “Good luck!” What an experience…but I digress…because pumping for the last time is so bittersweet.

I know not everyone has a great relationship with their pump. In fact, I would like to call mine a love/hate relationship. I love that I can provide milk for my son while he is at day care. I love the modern convenience of a double electric pump that has a session finished in 20 minutes, flat. But then there is the actual pumping. The taxing part. If you are new to pumping, my suggestion is to, at all possible, have two pumps so you can leave one at work. Invest in steamer bags, and remember that you can put your parts in the bag in a fridge and only steam after your last pump for the day. If you share a fridge, get a nice Planet Wise Lunch Bag so your pump parts and milk can be discreet in the fridge. Also, I really liked the hands-free bra. It helped me get away from one handed typing. Never forget your nursing pads, and always keep a spare at work. Leaking is not something you want to do in the middle of an important meeting. I love Bamboobies.

If you’re nearing the end of pumping, hang in there. Prepare your husband that this will be hard on you, maybe he will buy you some chocolate. We will get through this. Find momma’s in your same position, the Kelly’s Closet Cloth Diapering Support Group is a great place to get advice and support. But know, it is okay to be emotional. Hug your baby a little tighter. They grow up so fast!

BIO: Stephanie is a working mom to her favorite little boy. She loves babywearing, cloth diapering, and being as cruchy as possible!

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