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Sunday, November 23, 2014

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10 Reasons to Shop Kelly's Closet BEFORE Black Friday

I know you're all dying to know what our Black Friday specials and deals will be, but we can't tell you yet.  We can't reveal most of the offers until Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  I know that Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buys all reveal their deals ahead of time, but as a small business we just can't tell you anything until they are revealed.  I thought it would be fun to give you a list of 10 reasons you should shop with us BEFORE Black Friday!!  

1. (Almost) Everything you want is in stock!  That's right, we're almost fully stocked and actually stocked up a LOT more than usual.  We will have a few last minute items stocking early in the week, but we won't be restocking between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.  That means if you see something you REALLY want to get and you'll be devastated if it's out of stock, then maybe shopping early is for you!

2. Super Speedy Shipping!  Chances are that if you place your order with us on Monday or Tuesday that your order will be packed and shipped super fast! We're pretty well caught up on shipping and processing is usually just 1-2 days at the beginning of the week.  We can't say the same thing later in the week since we're closed early on Wed and off on Thanksgiving.  The number of orders increases significantly on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and through Cyber Monday.  Even with our full staff working on processing orders, processing times will likely be 4-7 business days (Mon-Fri).

3. Guaranteed free gift with purchase! We'll have our standard coupon codes during the early part of the week which will guarantee you a free OS diaper with your order (see coupon codes for details).  We won't have any coupon codes active on Black Friday or anytime over the weekend or on Cyber Monday.  We will have some doorbuster gifts with purchase each day but only for a limited number of customers.  If you love the guaranteed free diaper; order early this week!

4. Fluffy mail while others are waiting! You'll be super excited to track your order after Thanksgiving while others are waiting for their orders to process!  You'll get to put those adorable diapers on your baby and share pictures with all the other cloth diapering mamas; they'll be waiting (not so) patiently for their orders!!

5. Less errors.  While we don't usually make mistakes while packing orders, it does happen (we are human after all).  If you place your order this week when we're not super busy, you're almost guaranteed a perfect order the first time!!  Errors can happen on the customer side too when they are trying to hurry to process their order (spelling errors, wrong addresses entered, selecting the wrong color or closure, etc).  

6. No stress shopping! If you order early in the week, you can take your time and think about your order.  You can take your time and make sure you get the right diaper, in the correct color/print, in the correct closure, and you can double check your order before you submit it.  If you shop later in the week, you're likely going to feel rushed.

7. No impulse buying!  If you order early in the week, you're less likely to be impulsive.  If you shop on Black Friday with us, you may add a few extra goodies to your cart because they are a good deal!  Shopping early is better for those customers on a strict budget.

8. Timely customer service & support.  Should you have a problem with your order, our customer service staff is alert and ready to help.  We reply quicker in the beginning of the week to phone calls and emails.  If you try to reach us later in the week, you might get our voicemail while we assist other customers who have called in ahead of you.

9. Earn extra Diaper Dollars to spend on Black Friday!!  How many Diaper Dollars are in your account?  Do you have enough to redeem for a reward certificate?  You may just be short a few points and if you make a small order early in the week, you'll have enough points to redeem and use on Black Friday!  Just be sure to redeem them ahead of time so you aren't searching for the reward certificate if it gets lost in the interwebs!!

10. Because it's always fun to shop for fluff!!  You know when you're having a bad day or feeling stressed out, shopping for cloth diapers will help bring you out of that gloomy feeling and bring a smile to your face!!

...and since I know many of you are waiting for the REALLY good deals that happen on Black Friday, don't forget to get on our special Black Friday mailing list <---click there to get on the list> and be sure you follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and all our social media outlets.  

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Shanna M said...

I would buy all the cloth! Maybe some more freetimes. in the colors I don't already have. Or some more CJ's butter